Havaianas on sale?

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  1. Any sites currently running sales that include Havaianas? I need to stock up for an upcoming Hawaii vacation! :supacool:
  2. Thanks!
  3. In store at Urban Outfitter they are buy 1 get one half off!
  4. Urban Outfitters Online: 25% Off With Purchase of 2 or More
  5. Thanks for the urban outfitters tip, I went in and bought a couple pairs today!
  6. try Shopbop, I bought a pair a few weeks ago for $5 each.
  7. I always buy JCrew flip flops. Tell me why you like Havaianas so much. Are they really comfortable? Thanks alot. I'm just wondering.
  8. ABC stores in Hawaii had 2 for $14 when I went in March. You might want to give them a call.
  9. Havaianas are the best flipflops! Ever! :smile:
  10. i too am a huge fan of jcrew flip flops (i probably have over a dozen pairs), but i only like the ones with the navy blue footbeds and patterned straps, which limits their ability to go with things, particularly black or patterned things. i couldn't find any black flip flops i liked, so i bought a black pair of havaianas at a local shop. one of the straps rubbed a raw spot on my foot at first, but after it heeled, they've been great and very comfortable (oddly enough, this happens with me and most brands of flip flops - once they make me bleed, they're comfortable forever after that). i like them because the footbed is squishy like the jcrew flip flops instead of more stiff and rubbery like old navy flip flops.
  11. BUMP!

    Anymore Havaianas on sale??? Including mens!
  12. Don't know if anyone is in the Midwest but Carson's was running them 50% off...
  13. loehmann's also had a table of them for $10. they had assorted men's and women's available.
  14. pacsun has it for 30% off