Havaianas Flip Flops

  1. i've never tried these on but heard how comfy they are so i want to give them a try. i also heard that they run small is that true? i usually wear 6.5 and not sure if i should order a 4-5 or a 6. any suggestions?
  2. Total YAY!! Im getting a pair in every color this summer, they are sooooo comfy!
  3. how's does the size run? do you wear your normal size?
  4. I've heard good things about them and want to get a few. But where can I get them?
  5. yah!!! i have a bunch of pairs. they run true to size, i'm a 7.5 and i have the 7/8s (39/40s). they're super comfy and don't wear out as fast as cheaper flops. Shopbop.com carries them if you can't find them locally.
  6. ooooh NAY NAY NAY!!! i'm sorry these are the most horrifically uncomfy flip flops i have EVER tortured my feet with. awful awful awful. no arch support, the rubbery plastic makes my feet sweat, it's really hard and uncomfy and the thog part gives me HORRIBLE blisters. i like reefs infinately better, but there aren't as many cute colors.

    i am also in the vast minority with my intense loathing of havianas so ymmv. :smile:
  7. How are they so different than regular flip flops of the same style?
  8. Personally, I prefer the simple J Crew Flip Flops. I have them in four colors!
  9. I prefer Roxy,but I think they all the same.
  10. i'm gonna second the jcrew flip flops - they come with cute ribbon straps or even cuter embroidered critters (i have ones with little blue whales!), take forever to wear out, and are infinitely cushy and comfortable. plus they don't absorb any foot stink.
  11. i just stopped wearing mine! its finally cold in NZ... i basically live in mine over spring and summer! they're the best! and i love all the colours!!! wee hee! jandals!
  12. These are the most comfortable sandals. I don't like J Crew they give me blisters. In my opnion I totally recomend them.
  13. what is the usual retail price of a pair of these??
  14. I LOVE these! I have 5 different colors & think they are the most comfortable things ever;)
  15. Mmmmm, definite YAY!:love: My obsession started last year with a pair of aqua ones I picked up in Block Island, and then this summer I upgraded to a pair of black and brown...yay for neuturals! They're just oodles better than the Old Navy rubber soled flippies, theyre soooo squishy, like the "Bbag Leather" of Flip Flops!!:lol: Just wore my black flips in the RAIN today actually, I'm a bit too attached!!!
    They retail for about USD $14?
    i think the website's simething like havianasusa.com? try google!!;)
    And P.S., Be careful about Fakes!! It sounds a little odd, for rubber flips, but its been done! :sick: