Hautelook Question

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  1. So I know everything at hautelook is authentic, but do you think they sell seconds? Sometimes the jeans I get, Joes, People's Lib, etc., don't seem to be as nice as the fabric of the jeans I get from boutiques or department stores.

    Do you think that Hautelook gets a hold of seconds or buys items that were bound for factory outlets, similar to how Coach makes purses JUST for outlets? Has anyone thought this as well?
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  3. I personally haven't noticed a difference, but most of the items I've ordered are dresses (Rachel Pally and Tracy Reese). I'm sure some of them could be, but it probably varies because Hautelook orders directly from each designer/company. I would think they would have to disclose it though.
  4. My friend works for them and I know that they order direct from another supplier once the items are bought during the sales (which is why shipping takes soooooo long). So My thought is the items are either overstock items or on rare occassions 2nd grade items.
    If I got jeans that didnt feel right, and it was not disclosed in the description that its of inferior quality I'd be a little pissed off. But then of course, u get what u paid for. So in the end I guess is the discount worth the discrepancy in quality.
  5. Thanks for the information, azhangie.

    I have purchased from them multiple times before. Most items were new with tags, but one of the items I ordered was obviously a returned item. The tag was attached back on with a plastic holder, though the tag was actually supposed to be attached with a fabric string, which was clearly already cut in half.
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  7. Thanks, azhangie, that makes sense.
    They're not terrible jeans, but just not seem as nice.
  8. [FONT=&quot]Hi, I work at HauteLook. I saw your comments and just wanted to let everyone know that we do work directly with the brands. So the stuff you’re getting is high-quality excess inventory, the same items that you’d get in the boutiques or other stores. But I’m sorry to hear that you were disappointed in the quality -- we definitely want our members to be happy with every purchase, so please feel free to email membercare@hautelook.com if you ever have any questions or concerns. They’ll take care of you![/FONT]
  9. Never noticed any problems with non-authentic items from hautelook.