Haute or Nawt? Looks alone...Shhhh the brands are a secret!

  1. Ladies....please bestow upon me the honor of your opinions on these 4 handbags in my collection. Without knowing the brands (although some of you may already), please tell me your thoughts on the lust factor, functionality, and just basically overall looks
    newbags 072.jpg newbags 073.jpg newbags 086.jpg newbags 076.jpg newbags 077.jpg
  2. PS: Is that last black croc one dressy enough for office environment? (The question I keep asking! LOL...I have a Cole Haan paige which is great but I also need a smaller black office bag too)

    Lemme know what you think
    newbags 078.jpg newbags 079.jpg newbags 080.jpg newbags 083.jpg newbags 084.jpg
  3. and I got really good deals on all of em! All under $450
  4. I think so, though it isn't my style.

    I do like the brown one, though... it's something I would tote. It is the same bag as the 2nd one in the first pic, isn't it? I definetely like it better in brown.

    The triple strap I have in vachetta, and I am not impressed by it, but it looks great on some people.
  5. I like the second bag the best - the one with multiple zippers/compartments and two pockets. Seems most functional and very cute. What is it?
  6. Hi its a Kenneth Cole New York Jet Stream Satchel. Retails $498! Got it for 175. Its the same bag in black and brown

  7. I hear you! Its love/hate for me with the triple strap. Im still deliberating on it~!
  8. I like the first one hon:yes:
  9. So funny how we all differ, because I love my Hudson satchel :smile: What are you not sure of about yours... is it the detachable strap?
    BTW- I agree that the black croc would work in an office environment...