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  1. I was wondering if HauteLook sells legit, authentic gear. What is people's experience with them? Thanks:smile:
  2. I recommend doing a search on this forum for information about Hautelook. You will find your answer.
  3. Hautelook just had a promo on cosmetics.. my products came and they were

    100% legit & authentic...hope this helps
  4. i've purchased from them many times. everything i've purchased has been in great condition, and are new as described/shown in pictures. they are definitely legit.
  5. There are tons of threads on this btw.

    I have ordered from them twice, and everything is legit. Shipping is slow as heck though.
  6. shipping is super slow and they always seem to take more orders than they inventory of. Allegedly they say it is because the vendor has quoted them an incorrect number....whatever.
  7. I've ordered from them several times and with no problems.
  8. takes a while to get your stuff, but they sell authentic items. i order a few times a month, in fact ordered some pearl earrings today.
  9. I've worked for a company that did a sale on hautelook and it's totally legitimate.
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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.