Haute Look-received items I never ordered!Anyone else?


Sep 25, 2006
A couple of months ago I received a blouse from Haute Look that I never ordered..
I would not even click on this item to look at, it's just not my taste, nor do I need a 5th black blouse..so there is no mistake
that I could've possibly clicked on it and accidentally and put it in my cart..
So I go to my account and the item is there in my account..
The item was in a different size then what showed up in my account so after some back and forth emails with reps at Haute Look, I sent photos and was able to return the item..
The item was from a blowout sale and not refundable.

Jump ahead to today..
Again, I received an item that I in no way ordered..
a black pair of leggings in a size SMALL *cough*.
A. I don't were leggings
B. I don't wear a small
So, once again, I would never click on this item and accidentally
put it in my basket.

Again, this item was showing in my account.

However, after the last episode, I now take screen shots and keep
confirmations on all my orders..
I never received a confirmation for these leggings!
ANd no screen shot, because I never ordered them.
I've ordered several item since this supposed Sept. 9
order..I have confirmations for all except theses
ugly ass leggings.

No one but me has access to my computer..
I talked to rep and she is insisting this hasn't happened before..
and told me to change my password..
Heeellloo..it has with me..
two times now..!

Both items were from Blowout sales, as both were non refundable
and I believe there was confusion of their part..

Has anyone else had this problem..???

I'm nervous that I'm going to receive some expensive item,
that I never ordered and be stuck with it..


Sep 25, 2006
Were you charged for the mystery items???
Yes, I was charged.
Each item was around $22 plus shipping and tax.

I'd also like to add that these are the only two problems I've had with them..
and I buy quite a bit from Haute and Gilt.


Dec 27, 2009
Humm. You were charged for items that you never ordered which were both mysteriously non-returnable? Uh huh....... Interesting, Haute Look...

Beach Bum

Feb 17, 2006
remove all your CC info and get rid of the account...NOt cool.
doesnt sound good at all for this company


Sep 25, 2006
Thankyou for your replies..
I'm going to clear my CC info from my account..
great idea.:idea:
I've already changed my password, though no one
except myself has access to my computer.

I'll keep my account, I do like their sales

If this has happened to anyone else, I'm curious to hear about it.
Thankyou again.
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May 13, 2007
Wow, that is ridiculous! They should really be looking into what is going on and taking your complaint more seriously. I hope it all works out!


Sep 25, 2006
Wow, that is ridiculous! They should really be looking into what is going on and taking your complaint more seriously. I hope it all works out!
The thing is they've probably heard every excuse imaginable from people
trying to return non returnable blowout sale items...
and if there was a glitch in their system, I doubt they'd admit it,
but there is, as this is the second time this happened.

I wish it was something I'd wear..
but I'm not a leggings person, 'don't own a pair and never will..
and I would
never buy a small online unless I was familiar with the
designer and I knew they would fit..
the first item sent was not something I'd be remotely interested in either..

Anyway..I deleted my CC info, and changed my password, so this shouldn't happen again.

Thankyou all for your replies/suggestions.
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