Haute Chick on Ebay?

  1. I believe Haute Chic is AUTHENTIC!

    Happy Shopping !
  2. Her items are authentic! I've bought a bag from her, and she's the best e-bay'er I've ever had to deal with!:tup:
  3. Wow thanks very much Axa, Contessa!
  4. Haute Chic is authentic, I just bought a brand new Botkier bag from her. First class service and beautiful items!
  5. Haute Chick is AWESOME! Great bags at great prices with superb service!
  6. Absolutely. I also have bought form her more than once. Good stuff!
  7. Yay thanks everyone! :biggrin: You've all been very helpful. Bookmarking her site.
  8. :yes::tup: I agree - my MAM came wrapped in pretty pink tissue and bubble wrap!
  9. Thanks yvalenz! :smile:
  10. I just checked the store feedback.

    Wondering ....what does "PRIVATE" listing mean? The store seems to have a lot of that. I tried to check how much she sold her RM bags for, just for reference.
  11. Private listing just means that she doesn't want the bidder's identity to be revealed and may require some sort of authorization before bidding to prevent non-paying / sketchy bids
  12. Is this a store with "new" stuff?