Haute a Courries (HAC) or Birkin?? Either? Neither!! or Both!

  1. When it came to the Birkin, I loved the style the first time I saw it. Tried the 35, fabulous beautiful bag, but it was just too bulky and big for me even tho I wanted to be able to wear it.....I just couldn't.

    Started looking at the Birkin 30 and decided that, OK....the 35 is too large so the 30 HAS to be juuuuust right....right:yes:?? Well, not exactly:nogood:

    I still have my first Birkin 30, it's a keeper because I have an attachment:heart: to it, but every subsequent 30 I've owned I've turned around and sold or traded *sigh*

    I went back and tried a 35....but I still hadn't grown into it.

    Fell for the HAC shape and bought a 32.....stunning.... one of the prettiest Hermes I ever had...alas, it wasn't quite right either.

    Had the pleasure of trying a Birkin 25 and found it as exquisite as it's owner. But, it was almost but not quite large enough....for me.

    Enter the HAC 28 when I least expected it:yahoo:a winner all the way 'round.

    Now I'm on the lookout for another.....and from what I see it won't be that easy to find....but, I AM determined!

    What do YOU think of the HAC as it compares to the Birkin?? Do you like one style more than the other? Do you wear both?? Are you looking for a HAC right now and what sizes have you tried?
  2. I really really love the HAC but the 32 is too small for me and I have not yet encountered a 36. So for now, it's just Birkins for me. I remember that you are a svelte stylish lady (we met at the TPF mtg in NYC!) and think that the HAC 28 must be PERFECTION on you. Can you post some action shots? =)
  3. Hi Isus,

    What is an HAC? Is that the shoulder type Birkin? I am thinking of getting the shoulder type and would like to hear any comments?
  4. Susi, the 28cm HAC really suits you perfectly!:heart: The size and shape are just gorgeous and, since it fits all you need to carry, I think it is a keeper. Come north and let's go shopping! Wall Street always seems to have a 28cm HAC on the shelf or in the back. I can think of a few local lovelies (:tender:) who would love to help you in your quest for the next HAC.
  5. I think the HAC is a great bag and can you look slimmer. I've tried on a 32 but it was too big on me. I've seen a 28 one but didn't try it on but the size looks perfect.

    I ordered one on the last podium and I still need to speak with the store manager to check if he was able to order my preference.
  6. 28cm HAC is FANTASTIC, ISUS........I would like one myself in Togo or Clemence.
  7. I much prefer a Birkin over a HAC, because I can't hang a HAC on my arm when my hands are busy.

    The handles just seem a tad short. But I've seen an amazing 32/36 HAC in chocolate with gold hardware a couple of weeks ago. It took a lot of will power to reject something so beautiful.
  8. It's neat that so many of you really do like the HAC styling. Off and on, I've seen or heard of HAC 28s but not as often as the 32 size. Makes sense....the 32s probably are the most popular.

    I don't have a picture of my 28 "modeled" but here is a pic of it alone.....

  9. This is a HAC 32 on a 5'5" model who has lost her head:upsidedown:

  10. Both the 28 and the 32 HAC seem to fit me visually, but there is a lot of difference, to me, in the sizing of these two. I can handle the 28 much better.... no running into children, animals and people I meet around on the street and no running into corners or doors and it fits nicely beside me when I'm driving.

    Ninja Sue, I wish I could just run up to Wall Street for an afternoon with you.....goodness, you know how I get lost easily. I can't even make it across Pennsylvania without turning off the wrong exit.:shrugs:

    One of these days I need to fly in again and stay a few days. I'd like that.
  11. Oh my GOD, that 28cm is TDF, ISUS!!!!! What color/leather is it? I ADORE it.........geesh. I think a little something like this may have to be my next bag.......
  12. They're both beautiful bags, but if I could only have one in my life time (apart from my rigide Bolide grail) - I'd chose a HAC. :smile:
  13. Isus, that black HAC looks fantastic on you!!!:tup:

    I :heart: HAC!!! I'd love to own both some day, a HAC and a birkin. I used to own a HAC (32cm in fuschia) but sold it in order to fund another purchase. At the time, it was my only bag in that "everyday use" size and it was a bit too loud of a color to use on a daily bases. I know some people don't like HACs because of shorter handles but that never did bother me as I rarely wear bags on a crook of my arm.

    Fuschia HAC 32cm.jpg HACon1.jpg
  14. Beautiful HACs:heart:...waah... I still want one even tho' I've got fat arms and really should have both hands free.:girlsigh:
  15. H_addict, that HAC was gorgeous. Is that you in the picture? The two of you made a perfect marriage.

    I like this shape, too. My third H bag will be an HAC, but in the 28cm. I've never seen one irl. I love blues so it will have to be a practical blue like BB or indigo.