Haut a Courroie - What do you think about?

  1. Hi Hermes-Lovers,
    what do you think about the "Birkin" 28, which isn't a real Birkin because it's called "Haut a Courroie"? I like the size because it's perfect for the evening. What do you think? Is it a "real" Birkin or only a "Haut a Courroie"?
  2. The Haut a Courroie is the basis on which the Birkin was designed, it is therefore not a lesser Birkin. It is the oldest bag in the Hermes repertoire (before 1900, I forget the exact year) and was originally designed to carry riding boots.
    Without the HAC there wouldn't be a Birkin.
    I think it's a wonderful bag (as you can tell I am a big fan), and both the 28 and 32 sizes are wonderful to go from day to evening.
  3. i am hoping to get on this year. I hope to find a 32. I think they are wonderful
  4. Pfff...:sweatdrop: ...Girls, I'm glad to read this...! Because I've bought a HAC 28 (I think for a bit to much money, but I MUST HAVE IT...!!!) and a friend of mine told my it's not a Birkin but only a HAC...;) Maybe she's enviously...
  5. I :heart: HACs!!! :yes:
  6. Your friend has NO IDEA what she is talking about. The HAC is for Hermes connoisseurs.

  7. i want one as well, but the 32 cm HAC... I like it, it seems that it can hold much than the 35 cm birkin.... maybe I am wrong though.. but it is definitely on my wish-list..
  8. Ditto! I have not had the chance to actually hold one IRL and look forward to it:heart: Please enjoy your bag and know that you have a piece of Hermes history.
  9. :love: cute... isn't it? It's a HAC 28 Black Box PHW... :drool: So, girls: Beware of the dog...;)
    PICT0066b.JPG PICT0072.JPG
  10. Oh my god Janss - she's stunning. Sigh.... major bag envy going on over here (and that hardly EVER happens)... Where in Germany did you get her? Was she just sitting on the shelf all by herself??
    Congratulations! Please model her for us!
    Und der Hund ist auch sehr suess!
  11. ... very alone... the loneliest... sitting on the shelf whispering "Take me with you..." :sad: She's from Switzerland and the price was too high, I'm sure... but - wherever... I'm addicted to this cutie and forgot myself... (ok, it's german english, but you know what I mean... Wieso sprichst Du Deutsch?)
  12. Your friend is an idiot and obviously doesn't know much about Hermes. :roflmfao:

    It's beautiful J!!!! Enjoy that baby!
  13. It's LOVELY, Janss!!!!! Black Box? I love it. I have a 32cm Black Box with Ruthenium and I ADORE it!!!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!
  14. Ich bin Deutsche!!! Rheinlaenderin! Aber in der Fremde :crybaby: :yahoo: (wo es mir sehr gut gefaellt, allerdings muss ich fuer Hermes ueber die Grenze, hier gibt es kein Geschaeft).

    As far as I know HACs are a bit more expensive than Birkins in a comparable size. Your bag is TO DIE FOR and worth every penny. Wear her in great health!