Haul from Honolulu!

  1. Aloha everybody!!!
    Did you miss me???

    I missed you! But I wasnt too sad, because of this---
  2. oh wow!!!! Can't wait for you to show us!
  3. oooh open open!!!!
  4. Oh My Gosh! This is sooo exciting! Yay ColbaltBlu!!!

    :happydance: :popcorn: :drinkup: :rochard: :beach:
  5. Where's Quinn's Mom with her dollar bills? I only have large bills on me.
  6. If you missed my hi ho thread, I went to Oahu from my home on a neighbor island because of the strict shipping policies of H. Luckily, the airfare was only $29 each way!!!

    Waiting for me was my INDIGO BARENIA EVELYNE!! And my Ulyssee agenda just like Neeyas, and my Champs de Courses in the purple colourway...

    So I picked up my purchases, and made a couple of new ones. :graucho: :graucho:

    I met my lovely SA, who made a special trip into the boutique on her day off just to play with me (she had things to do anyway)...I spent about 3 1/2hours there.

    Here'e is a peek at the open boxes!!
    haul open1.JPG haul open good1.JPG
  7. Close ups on the way!!!
  8. woweeeeeeeeeeeee gorgeous
  9. WEll??????? Open, Open, Open, Open........

    ........where is that girl??????
  10. great haul!! the pics are lovely
  11. barania indigo - WOW.
    please tell us more about how you are finding that leather.
    soooo beautiful.
    everything is really.
  12. ok.....is it just me? Where are the pics?
  13. lucky you!
    enjoy the sunshine and lovely H goodies!!!
  14. we need closeups!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    love it all!
  15. I will start with the smallest. I really wanted something for those extra credit cards, the loyalty cards and such.

    And of course I wanted something precious!

    So, swept away by the smell of leather and the lingering glow of playing with the THREE lizard kelly pochettes on display, I finally selected this.....
    minizip1.JPG mini zip open1.JPG