Hating family members...

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  1. You guys, it's 2:00 AM and in two hours I have to drive my dad to the airport so he can go back to China to see his parents.

    Since probably dinnertime I've been sitting here steaming in my own little stew of like all-consuming hatred. I barely ever dislike anybody, but I geniunely hate his parents... doesn't that sound awful, to hate your own grandparents... but they made my dad's life a complete nightmare, and continue to make it a nightmare from an ocean away... really, you can't even imagine but I figure you should take my word for it if their own granddaughter would really like to see them dead. I really go a little nuts over how awful they are... do you want to hear how bad this is? I actually went to a Buddhist temple in Shanghai (I'm not even Buddhist) and prayed to Buddha to kill off my own grandparents. I am probably going straight to hell.

    So now I'm insanely worried about my dad's trip because they're just going to raise hell the entire time. :sad2:

    Anyway... thanks for listening... do any of you guys feel this way about a family member? Maybe I'm the only one this awful! lol
  2. I totally know the feeling...but not to that extreme. I have a kind of love late relationship with certain members, but I can just imagine if it were a hate hate. I hope your dad gets along well while he is away and returns to you safe and happy soon :biggrin:
  3. Oh don't worry about that, I secretly hope against hope that 'accidents' might happen to some uncles and aunts from my Dad's side of the family like maybe get abducted by aliens and be probed to death, getting mugged or sometimes hoping they do get run down by a car. :cool:
  4. You're just upset right now and that's probably why you feel like "killing them". I feel like that towards my sister sometimes whenever she steals something or takes one of my bag without my permission.

    Does he know how you feel? Keep in touch with him while he's away just to make sure everything is okay and be there for your dad when he comes back. I hope everything goes well.
  5. I know how you feel. It's not a family member I hate that much is my boss who sits in front of me every day and making my life hell. Every morning when I get up I think about that I don't want to go to work. He shouts at me every day how stupid I am and things he told me to do yesterday and when I did them he screams at me why I'm doing it? He's a complete nutter and you can't do anything right. He's bossing me and my coworker every day. There are so many days when I sit at home crying my eyes out. I can't even talk about without my eyes watering. I've never experienced so much injustice, insult and madness in one person and he seriously wonders that all women are leaving him after a couple of weeks. So I can understand you deeply. I actually thought about poisining him. I'm looking for a new job but this isn't easy. Take care Intl. I love you!!
  6. Oh my gosh, how godawful... Good luck on your job search, Tanja! What a cruddy boss you have. I can imagine how bad that would suck! Do you have a human resources department you can report him to? I don't think it's right to be such an ass that you make a grown woman cry!
  7. I did report him a couple of times and they are on my side but because the vp gives a damn sh... about it he just got a warning and nothing happenend. So no support there and I work with him almost 3 years and I think I start to get depressive so it's time to leave. How long is your dad going to be with his parents. I think the only thing you can do is being there for your Dad and pray the they get a payback from the universe:smile: I order it for you!
  8. YES, Tanja, time to leave. I don't know anything about the field, but have you thought of being a translator? Your English is beyond stellar. You also mentioned you might want to go back to school. Maybe you should do that. Anything seems to beat working someplace that makes you depressive! Sorry. We're here for you, I bet the other girls have some hilariously awful boss stories to share, too.
  9. You are so kind. I am actually a trained translater but the jobs are very rare. and I already study at night school for my B.A. I want to get out of the T.V business because there you have more strange companies like mine. I'll just look for a part time job. The only thing that bugs me is I have so nice co-workers here and itzs beside my boss a very nice atmosphere which makes me sad to leave but you are right not eating, studying and just staring at the wall. I love you girls!!!
  10. That sounds awful, IntlSet!! Big hugs to you.

    And I know exactly how you feel.
  11. i don't so much like my grandmother on my dad's side. she drives my mother nuts, and my mother is my best friend. i hate it when she comes to visit, there's always a ton of tension.

    sorry to hear about your situation, hun. but hey, they're old, maybe they'll kick soon!
  12. Dislike to that degree ? I don't think that's unusual, family can be the worst.

    I strongly dislike some of my aunts on my mother's side, honestly, who stops their dying father from making his last wishes known ? The alliance of aunts united against my mom prevented my grandfather from passing on any decision regarding my mother by keeping watch over him and making sure he was never alone with the aunts sympathetic to my mother (my mother has 7 sisters, there are enough for alliances !!). That family is messed up ! Worst of all, my cousins are stupid and hateful as well, one of them actually said while we were trying to take photos with my grandfather "it doesn't matter [don't wait for them], we're not really a family anyways". I laugh because she nearly failed out of school and she has some menial desk job.. and her father's a money launderer who can't actually ever return back to Hong Kong since he'd be arrested on the spot at the airport.

    Whew, but that only scratches the surface of ugly family skeletons. I do strongly dislike them, and I'm not sure if I'd wish for their deaths, I'd have to seriously consider ever helping them if they were in need. It's nice to know that quite a few of my mother's relatives were sponsored to imigrate through her help and they still treat her like scum.
  13. So done: I just ordered at the universe that they get what they deserve! Soon!!
  14. IntlSet, I am fortunate not to hate anyone in my family, but my father did and for very good reasons. His parents were gone before I was of age so it was never an issue for me.

    The good news for you is that although you have been affected by your grandparents treatment of your father, it is completely possible for you to raise children who only feel affection for their immediate and extended families.
  15. It sounds like you really love your dad and care about him a lot, and don't want to see him be hurt by his own parents anymore. That doesn't mean you're an awful person. You just care about those you love and are protective of them.

    I hope everything goes well for your dad, I'm sorry he has to deal with this :sad:

    And yes, I do have family members I dislike - pretty much everyone on my dad's side of the family. His sister and her husband, and (I also feel bad for saying this!) my grandmother. They're awful, negative people who hate my mom's family and find every opportunity to trash my mother, even though my parents have been divorced for 13 years. They have criticized every decision I've made, everything I've done is wrong :suspiciou My grandmother once told me that I'd never be anything in life, that I'd end up working at Burger King the rest of my life. Well, when I graduated college last year, my grandmother on my mom's side said she was going to go to BK and ask for one of those paper kiddie crowns and take a photo of me wearing it, and send it to evil grandmother :lol: