Hating College!

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  1. Help me get by! After a year of it, I am starting to dislike college very much... :sick:

    Funny part is I graduated top 10% of my class and got a scholarship and am a major bookworm.
  2. Hang in there. You will thank yourself later.
  3. Maybe you need to try some differnt classes - something you would normally not take? I was a Poly Sci/Philosophy major and I wish I had taken more art and drama courses.
  4. what school do you go to? because my advice is only really pertinent to big party college-town schools.
  5. Maybe if you try to tell us why do you hate it..:oh: ?? so we can cheer u up and discuss it :biggrin: .. we've been there "at least i did!" and hated college dozens of times!! :amazed:
  6. i pretty much hated college too.......my solution was to just take as many classes as possible and graduate a year early (if you're gonna hate college a few extra classes aren't gonna make it all that worse).......

    college may not be the best few years of your life but it's a necessity......and i'm not sure if ur hating the academics or the social scene but i do know that once ur out u'll look back at ur college days with some sort of "those were the good old days"ish memories----especially if u made great friends (school sucks but living down the hall from ur friends......that's the best)
  7. I never liked school. I did well, but I didn't like it. Just remember it is the way of life for so many of us now. Try to stick it out so you can get that paper for your wall... yes... you pretty much only get a paper

    (ha, can you tell I was bitter about it too?!!!)
  8. I didn't love my college experience as a student the first couple of years (well maybe my first four or so)...now I am a college professor (the first four plus several more) and love it.
  9. With a scholarship, I'd stick with it and see how it is as more time passes by. Maybe take different classes or switch majors?
  10. What do you hate about college exactly?

    I can offer some advice for most situations, because I've commuted to a smaller school, and I'm currently living on campus ( as a junoir) at a large school ( around 40,000) that loves to party. :smile:

    I think that each year of college offers it's own difficulties and trials. Freshman year was overwhelming, sophmore year was really fun, but you feel stuck inbetween- right now in my second junoir semester, I'm starting to freak out about internships and graduation. :smile: I think that college is an amazing experience that shouldn't be taken for granted, and there is SO much you can get out of it!


    PS. it will get a lot more fun when you start taking classes for your major, because it will be material you actually care about. :smile:
  11. I'm so sorry that you don't like college. I went through the same phase as you after my freshmen year. I remember it was mainly because I was going through a very rough relationship and I was really uncertain about what I wanted to do. I'm a senior now and I'm still at the same school because I really love the program here. I hate pratically everything else about this school.
    I think you might want to consider a transfer, but if there is something that you really love about your school then you should stay.
  12. It's my last semester for undergrad and I have hated it all along! It is so much hard work and sleepless nights! I am so glad that I am graduating but I know it will be worth it in the end, so just stick with it.
  13. I agree with the others. Mabey consider changing majors or taking different classes. College is very stressful and difficult (I'm in my jr. year). Good luck!
  14. This is my first year and some of my classes I dislike, too. I just feel like they make you take courses you don't need. God, I'm glad I took AP English and got one course out of the way. I wish I woulda taken more AP tests. I tell all the people I know in hs to take ap tests. I think once you've been in college for swhile and start your major, things are better. I have a few friends who are junior/seniors and their classes are so interesting and more involved with their majors. Stick with it. =)
  15. your junior/senior years will be much more fun...hang in there, at times it sucks, but you really will be glad when it's over.
    It's kinda like having braces...