Haters, Anyone??

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  1. In my city, designer bags are just starting to "come up" as the availability etc is slowly increasing. Not sure if this is the reason, but for a while now, people have been hating on my bags. Everyone from coworkers to family (my mother in law) have something to say to me on the subject. I have a good job and have worked hard for what I have. I am not a flashy person but have a few nice things. I do not, by any means, flaunt my bags but regardless of what bag I carry it is the same treatment. It doesnt stop me from buying what I like though. I guess i am a sensitive person but I am wondering if any of you experience this and how you deal with it?
  2. I haven't really experienced it much, but I usually carry Coach (not super expensive, but not Walmart pricing either). That type of attitude from someone else is just something I don't even worry about for a second.

    It's nothing more than jealousy, though. I really wish I knew why women acted that way toward each other. So silly and petty...
  3. How many of your family & friends have expensive cars, clothes, electrical goods, gadgets and jewellery that are good quality and cost money? Everyone has 'something' that they splurge on (no matter what their circumstances are) once and a while. That's what makes it special. Don't feel bad about what you have worked hard for, the bags you buy are for you and nobody else. If the ear aching gets too bad, gently point out to them that they spend their money on 'car/gadget/games' etc and you say nothing to them. They might see it from your point of view then.
  4. There will always be haters and those who criticize on how much we spend on bags. Just ignore them, you work hard for your money and you definitely deserve to buy something you like as a reward to yourself =)
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  5. Funny thing is my coworkers who make comments are mostly men who are older than me and in higher up positions. Who would have even thought that men would care to comment on such things?
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  6. Thanks Rubysasha and PrincessD. I try not to let it affect me but I must admit that i won't carry my nicer bags if i know i am going to see certain people. Just hate having to plan my days that way.
  7. Are you carrying bags with logos or visible name plates on them?
    How do they know they are expensive?
  8. I made the mistake once of carrying a $200 Burberry bag that i got from the outlet, that is how it all started. This was one of the first purse purchases I made when I was getting into bags. Took alot of heat for that if you can believe it! I stick to carrying non logo leather bags around certain pple but I think the damage has been done from the Burberry.
  9. That is kind of odd, LOL. Most of the men I know could care less what brand purse I'm carrying, or whether or not it's the same one I had with me last time they saw me, etc etc.
  10. I don't know a lot of ppl who carry expensive bags either and while my coworkers, friends & family think I am mad to spend what I do on my bags, they do admire them for the beautiful items they are, I've never experienced any negativity or jealousy at all
  11. Maybe your confidence has been dented by all this and your self esteem is dictating what you can and cannot carry? Hold your head up high, be proud of your achievements and carry those bags with style :woohoo:
  12. I remember a few years back I was really into shoes, and not expensive designer shoes, but Birkenstocks, Clarks...comfortable shoes, not showy at all. My boss started calling me 'Imelda Marcos' and he would ask, "What shoes are you wearing today?" At first I shrugged it off and laughed, but after a while I became annoyed and self conscious. Another time, I brought a Coach bag into work. I got compliments, but one guy snidely said I was trying to be Jackie O. Very curious. Maybe some men are a little resentful of the fact that many women can buy nice things for themselves...and not have to wait for someone else to buy it for them.
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  13. Who initiates the conversation?
  14. I don't know what you mean....
    what is "hating on your bags"?
  15. Are they insulting you??