Hate to start yet another thread, but who needs a PCE card?

  1. I have one to give away. You will most certainly get it before the sale is over.

    I had my heart set on a grey bag. I walked into the store intending to buy the legacy leather shoulder flap in clay. However, I did not realize how big the bag was:wtf:. I saw the 13" and ignored the rest. 12 x 7 suits me well enough. All I need to carry is a wallet, keys, cell phone, wristlet and sometimes sunglasses.

    Anyway, there is nothing else I want to get and I just bought a bag at the outlet so if anyone needs the PCE PM me right away.
  2. I'm so sorry that the bag you wanted didn't work out for you! I just pm'ed you so If you still have your card available I could use it. Thanks for offering it up :smile:
  3. Thanks, in all fairness CRYLATER3 pmed me first, so I am obliged to hand it over to her. Sorry, only about an hour between the pm's.
  4. Yay, Thank you so much Heath-kkf !! :flowers:

    I am so happy!
  5. Congrats Crylater3 :yes: Use that PCE well, and show us pics of the stuff you get!