Hate to admit, but oh so regretful!

  1. We all make mistakes, but of course we realize a little too late. So, let's talk about your most regretful Hermes purchase.

    Was it a specific bag style that did not work for you? A color/leather/hw combo that didn't? Durability of a leather choice? Was it a small leather good? Scarf or Twilly? Was it jewelry? Whatever it was...please share your story.

    Let us know what and why. This should be interesting.
  2. Very rarely do I buy anything Hermes and regret it, but there was one cashmere shawl that I bought because of the color (a great orange!) and partly because I was just craving a little H. Well, I'd have been better off indulging in an ice cream craving (would have cost considerably less!) since I ended up with a scarf that didn't really suit me.

    So I exchanged it for a store credit. :smile:
  3. I got so tired of waiting for a blue jean birkin, that I bought a b/j kelly. I've never loved the bag, I think it's because I settled for something. So, I've put my name back on the list...Live and learn.
  4. I bought a Karo GM in vert anis... was not for me, so I returned it.
  5. 35cm black togo Birkin. Realized I was a smooth leather girl. It's now being borrowed by my sister.
  6. ......a scarf that just didn't work for me at all. I fell in love with the desing on eBay (this was an older scarf) and even though I kind of knew the colors were marginal, I was besotted. But once it arrived the colors really washed me out and I was so disappointed. Luckily though, these colors suited a friend of mine very well and she's now the new owner of this lovely scarf!

    AND, a Kelly who's color was just a bit bright for me.

    I've learned now that I must, must, must be in LOVE before I buy. If there's even a sliver of a doubt, I've learned to walk away. This and to know myself well and what works for me and my lifestyle keeps me from further mistakes!!!
  7. I don't feel like I've made big mistakes but just had costly lessons of what works better for me - color-wise and otherwise...I guess when I had the turquoise birkin I grew tired of that fairly quickly and sold it...but I still like the color...
  8. Surprisingly, NO regrets here!:nuts: And I haven't seen/tried on any of the H bags IRL when I bought them either. Maybe I am just easy to please!:wlae:
  9. Vert Anis Birkin 35cm. I loved it at first, but after having it for less then one day I exchanged it. It seemed too loud for me. Luckly the resell boutiques owner had something else that I wanted. Now I'm happy.
  10. I think its for me...buying all the leather goods here and there...I didn't need. you walk out spending a $500-$700 and you have a thing for pens or pencils, etc...and you are like...shoot all these little things equal a bolide or something. or I could have a pair of shoes, etc

    that is me.
  11. doblis birkin i have..
    i should not say i regret, it's still my love, just require too much babycaring and i barely use it at all
  12. Honestly, a herbag in Brown Box with brown and beige canvas...its pretty but oh so big and heavy, its acting as a birkin dust bag for now...But it was on sale and I bought it over the phone from H, lesson learned...ok may be not:p
  13. A bi-color Raisin/Cyclamen Kelly 35 in Epsom. Bought it because it was there. :push: I tried talking myself into liking it but honestly, it was way too big and bulky for a midget like me.
  14. I am so new to actually owning Hermes rather than simply longing for it, that I don't have any regrets, but I could completely see myself being seduced into something that wasn't for me simply because I recognise it as objectively divine. Need to resist that trap . . .!
  15. I stopped buying H sterling silver jewelry as I learned that I really prefer using my real jewelry. It was so funny because one time as I was at my local H boutique and the store manager mentioned why I don't like their new horn necklaces and stuff ... and then he answered the question by telling me that he sees me normally with my real jewelry and so he guess that I prefer them.

    The only H jewelry that I sometimes wear is the Hapi MM bracelet in orange which is a present from my in-laws. Also, I have an SO for a braise croc bracelet, but I don't know when and if that bracelet will arrive.

    With bags, the Bolide is just not for me though every time I see my royal blue ostrich Bolide, it's so hard to part with it.