Hate the weather here!!!

  1. it has been dry in sunny cali...and i broke my nail (damn! :cursing:) by opening the fridge! i just came bck to my cubicle..and while i was walking back i was quietly cussing..scaring my co-workers.. :push:
  2. DUDE..U hate YOUR weather.???.Its like 40 degrees here!!LOL!...cold and rainy..JUST PLAIN NASTY...HEEHEE!

    Ill trade ya..we can do HOUSE SWAP?
  3. sure! gimme ur house and i'll swap that for my lil apartment! :lol:
  4. I looked out of the window and it's SNOWING. In APRIL.

    Why do I have to live in CT?
  5. Well, we had a blizzard yesterday, so... :p
  6. Rensky you hate socal weather?? I LOVE IT! This was one of my main reasons for moving back to LA from the Bay area.
  7. C'mon, because it's so:
    mmm. after 5 min. of trying to come up with something good I still can't LOL :yes:
    And they call this SPRING!!!!!!
  8. I live in "sunny" cal but the last 2 days have been overly overcast- so it is actually very gray outside. No sun peaking out, but no rain.
    oh well, I would rather have his instead of rain or snow. SO I will stop complaining!
  9. haha
    i like gloomy weather..and HATE sunny weather!
    u guys might be surprised!