hate telemarketers?

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  1. https://www.donotcall.gov/default.aspx
  2. I registered for that...I hardly ever get telemarketers' calls anymore. It's great.
  3. They get cellphone numbers? I was told telemarketers don't get your cell number...
  4. I got this in a foward..

    Cell Numbers Going Public

    Hope all is well. Just a reminder, 20 days from today Jan 10, 06), cell
    phone numbers are being released to telemarketing companies and you will start to
    receive sale calls. YOU WILL BE CHARGED FOR THESE CALLS!

    These telemarketers will eat up your free minutes and end up costing
    you money in the long run. To prevent this, call the following number from your cell phone:
    888/382-1222. It is the National DO NOT CALL list. It will only take a minute of your time. It blocks your number for five (5) years. You can register on line at:
  5. I registered my cell phone number ages ago just in case.