Hate shopping????

  1. Is there anybody who hates to go shopping. I hate, hate going to a store to shop. I prefer online shopping anybody like me out there? :confused1:
  2. I like both. Online shopping is so much easier. But going to look around is fun and you may need to try on clothes.
  3. I prefer online shopping, I don't like going shopping and especially not if the store is busy. Then I just get cranky! But coming home with bagfulls usually makes it worth it.
  4. I ADORE both. It totally depends on my mood. I often shop on line because live on a damn island that has NO shopping so I often have to go out of town to shop if I want to try things on. So I do alot of online shopping. I often miss going to the mall. :sad:
  5. i love to shop online more so now that i found out about ******, just as much as i like to sift through racks to find a fab piece.

    but at the moment, i tend to go online shopping. especially when im at work, and too lazy to walk to the mall. :lol:
  6. i prefer online shopping too... but i also enjoy going to the stores and actually see and try things on. i get tired after 2 hours of walking in a mall, though... i hate shopping on busy days.
  7. I hate shopping. Hubby loves it.
  8. I'm with you! I love to online shop. I've probably done 70% of my Christmas shopping online too. Sitting in my PJ's with a good cup of coffee, now THAT'S my way of shopping! I go to the mall & I get just get flustered. I like trying clothes on at home & with tons of online stores that offer free shipping, I'm only out a small amount of $$ if I decide to return anything. It's worth it for me:smile:
  9. it all depends, sometimes i go and find nothing at all, that's when i hate to shop. i shop online but prefer going into the store and trying clothes on,so i know that the clothes will fit perfectly or not.
  10. I LOVE SHOPPING!! Especially at the boutiques/malls.

    Online shopping is fun, but I don't get the same *fix*
  11. PHH only WISHES I hated to shop...ROFLMAO...
  12. mine too Jill! :biggrin:

    I adore shopping, everything about it, I love going on my own, or with my little girls to help them choose things, or with a friend.

    I adore online shopping too, but you just do not get the same great feeling that you get when you spot and find the perfect thing in a shop.

    So many times, an item looks amazing online and I am dissapointed when it arrives, that never happens when you can see things, try them and love them immediately in the store.

    (I also confess that I love people watching and seeing what everybody is wearing ;))
  13. Love to shop when on vacation cuz then I can go on a weekday and not have issues with parking, crowds, etc. I also love to shop before going to work. I get in and out in less than 45 minutes. I hate trying to go shopping in the middle of the afternoon on a weekend. Most of my leisurely browsing is now done online, not in the malls.
  14. I only hate shopping if I can't find anything that I like in my size. Usually, I LOVE to shop!
  15. I love store shopping. Adore bloomingdales. However, I hate the tax...so online is good for that reason. eBay is also addicting.
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