Hate my new Haircut...Complain or no?

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  1. I had an at-home coloring fiasco this past weekend. I decided to color my hair a dark brown but instead it turned into a black/gray color. It looked horrible. I booked a hair stylist the next day and had her fix it. To make a long story short she had to bleach my hair and then color it brown so it would look somewhat normal. Problem is, is that she took WAY TOO much off(my hair used to be near the middle of my back and now it just barely touches my shoulders) and the color is absolutely horrible. I am really dark brown in some part (on the sides near my temples), I have uneven,crooked streaks in my bangs and throughout my hair, and a HUGE blond streak down the back of my head (Like a skunk, and no I AM NOT exagerrating). I look horrible. I am trying to make the best of it but I alomst left the salon in tears, but she had spent 3 hours on my hair and I didn't want to make her feel bad....I go to school 4 hours away and had my hair done back home. Should I complain when I go home, call the main office and complain, or just suck it up and hate my hair for a little while. What would you do? :confused1:

  2. oh, i totally understand.

    when i got my hair highlighted and cut, i cried too. by the time i got home, i was about ready to murder the girl who did it.

    BUT, it grew on me. everyone else seemed to think it was gorgeous- and i just couldn't see it because it wasn't what i wanted...but that didn't mean it still wasn't pretty, you know? you just have a certain expectation in your head and it's disappointing at first when it doesn't live up to that.

    i would go back in, explain what you don't like about it, and see if anything can be done to resolve the issue. anytime i go back in (for a re-cut or whatever) i make sure they know that i will tell my friends/family how good their service is and how they are accomodating, etc.

    i would give it a day and see if you really hate it that much. and if you do, see if something can be done to make you happy.

    good luck!!!
  3. It sucks because everyone is saying how wonderful it is and how great the color is....I HATE it. Should I call the stylist back home and complain? Ask for a refund? She did charge close to $150.00. I just feel that if I'm going to entrust my hair to someone...it should look wonderful and I should be happy when I leave the salon...and I'm not...

  4. Oh dear, I'm so sorry you're in this situation. :sad:

    From what you say, it hasn't been dyed correctly.

    I think you should go back and point out all the problems. :yes:
  5. I told the stylist what was wrong and she said that she couldn't do much else. She knew that I was clearly unhappy. She got scissor happy w/ my hair. When I pointed out the skunk line...she said "Oh, well once you curl your hair you won't even be able to notice it." I just feel like she should have made sure I was happy before writing me off. Should I call her and ask for a refund? I'm just so unhappy with it. Plus I wanted to be dark-haired for fall...and now I'm like a summer blonde...AWFUL!!!!:sad:
  6. Aww trish..
    you said that other people said it looked really great? Or was it just the stylist who said that?

    How did the stylist react when you told her you didn't like it? Did she offer to re-cut it or re-dye it at all? Ask her if she is willing to do something to change it (maybe a re-dye) if you drive four hours home.

    If she really isn't able to do it, look on the bright side. Everyone says it's wonderful, and it just might be that you're not used to it right now. If she really isn't willing to do anything with it and you can't change it again, let it stay like that and see if it grows on you.

    Also, I think blonde hair in Fall/Winter looks great. Such glowing hair especially towards colder days and nights. Just think of yourself as the blonde angel during the winter! :smile:

  7. Obviously, as it was a colour correction, you can't expect it to be perfect. But I think you should be able to expect the following from a trained hairdresser:

    1. That it is the colour/in the colour range (if she couldn't be exact) that she and you agreed it would be before she began.

    2. That it is evenly dyed all over. Unless she specifically warned you that there was a possibility it wouldn't take evenly.

    3. That it was cut to within a reasonable margin of the length you asked for; let's say 1" either way.

    Hope this helps! :flowers:

    BTW, I think blonde is great for Winter, too. I have blonde highlights all year round!
  8. Im sorry to hear about this. My mum went to a hairdressers near my house and she wanted red streaks and they were pink...she felt like crying. It was horrible, She never used that hairdressers again.
  9. I am so sorry!!! IMO there is no such thing as an easy color correction, it usually takes a couple of visits to a salon to get the color "just right". That kinda pisses me off that she didn't care if you liked your hair or not. As a hairdresser myself, if I have a client that isn't 100% completely satisfied with their hair, I will do everything in my power to make the LOVE their hair(with no charge)
  10. I was just going to post something similar - my hairdresser WANTS me to be honest with her and let her know if I'm not totally satisfied. She'll do everything she can to fix my hair if I'm not completely happy - free of charge. She wants the chance to fix her mistakes before I take my business elsewhere.

    So, I'd say, call her and be honest and see if she offers to give it another try. If she doesn't, chalk it up as an expensive lesson and take your business to another salon that is more interested in keeping their customers happy. :yes: Hope it works out!:flowers:
  11. i just got a haircut yesterday and i hate it too. it's too short and i can't tie it in the back! :crybaby:
    trying to figure out ways to hold it in place (my hair's really poofy).

    i guess since you're having someone else do your hair for you, there are discrepancies in ideas and satisfaction.. :shrugs:

    now that i'm done yelling...yes she had to fix your hair, but you are probably just as uncomfortable as you were when you went in, before you spent money

    so honestly who cares about her feelings...you have the right to feel comfortable and confident when you go outside in the morning
  13. I totally understand been there, done that. Last month I got my hair done asked for brown & came out of the salon with almost black hair & she cut it way shorter than I asked but the stylist kept saying how great it was. My solution: ponytails for now.

    I would definetely ask for a refund, I know it is difficult & maybe give your hair a bit of a break since it had to be bleached it is probably a bit dry. I know it is hard & everytime you look in the mirror you will hate it.

    I wouldn't give her another chance to fix it, if you screw it up the first time why would you trust her with your hair a second time. If she won't give you a refund I would ask to speak to the owner of the salon & have him/her correcr your dye job
  14. Same with me When the girl that did my hair and my hair started falling out in lumps in my hand in the hairdressers they said it was MY FAULT !! I was so freaked out I couldn't give out, Nor did I want to get the girl in trouble.. I do wished I did complain now since I'm left with my hair in bits and still is coming out........:sad: do ask for a refund.. because they don't mind taking it off you even thou they mess your hair up.. I paid full wack that day.. I gave it to her because i was just in shock.
  15. I say go back there and complain. You didnt get what you want!!! well, when i get a haircut, i bring someone with me to make sure they are not messing up (usually my mom because she can read my mind of what i want for a haircut most of the time)