Tech Hate my Dell Netbook

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  1. I ordered a Dell mini 10 netbook a few weeks ago and I hate it. I've had it for about 2 weeks and I've only used it twice. I'm on DH's MacBook right now because the netbook is a snail. Even just scrolling takes forever (i.e. hit scroll down... count to 6... then it scrolls). I want to return it and get a Sony netbook (we need a PC to have in addition to the Mac). Has anyone tried to return an item to Dell?
  2. Netbooks are pretty slow. Are you sure an inexpensive laptop wouldn't meet your needs better? You can find starter laptops for about $400 now, not much more than a netbook.
  3. Netbooks are slow, have a small screen, a tiny processor, limited accessibility options, bootup times are astronomical, and most come with crap battery life... Return it and get the new Sony Vaio (forgot the model number, but it's made of carbon fibre and is flexible! :biggrin:)
  4. I bought an asus eee about 7 months ago- and i love it. I only use it for surfing, tho. the battery lasts for-ev-er!
  5. Yeah, they have smaller, slower processors, and most come with only 1gb of RAM, so if you have a few programs running and hit a webpage with lots of graphics, it's going to bog down. Just the nature of the machine.

    Either look into a netbook with more memory and a faster processor (brand really won't matter) or step up to one of the smaller notebooks.
  6. you could try to sell it on craigslist or something and then buy something else (if you can't return it)
  7. I definitely do not recommend the Sony notebook. They put a bunch of crappy software (bloatware) on it and my girlfriend's wireless stopped working after a while. If you're getting a PC, I would still recommend a Dell or HP. Good luck! :smile:
  8. i've had my asus aspire one for 2 years now, and it's holding up pretty well-strictly web surfing. There is still a difference between netbook and notebook :sad:
  9. Netbooks are only really good for surfing the net only. For other activities I recommend getting a laptop.
  10. UPDATE: Dell is letting me return the netbook! I'm not sure what I'm going to get now... maybe just another regular laptop. A lot of people recommended the Asus netbook, but I'm not a fan of the mousepad or the shiny-ish material that it's made of (I'm a fingerprint, dirt nazi).
  11. Try Dell Adamo 13 inch laptop. :tup: With SSD and Win7 it runs pretty fast! Not to mention it's light weight and very well constructed.
  12. Not sure how big you want to go, but Kara recently got a red, Inspiron 15" and seems to like it a lot. It's pretty wide, though.
  13. yes, do this! i have the little sony vaio- it's the size of a netbook but is a regular computer. it was expensive but worth it if you want something portable as your main computer.
  14. i have the dell red inspiron 1545 laptop- bought it last year. and i love it. originally looked at the dell notebooks but DH gave me all the reasons you just mentioned on why i shouldn't get it. he was right.