Hate my anna corinna city tote

  1. I just received my Anna Corinna city tote in bronze today. It was on sale at Revolve clothing and I thought it would be a great knock around bag to wear with jeans. I was so upset with the quality of it. It looked like such a cheap bag to me. It looked like it would fall apart so easily and I feel the leather will not hold up. I am sending it back. I really thought it would have been nicer looking due to so many posts about how people love their bag. Oh well, some things are not meant to be.
  2. at least you can send it back :tup:
  3. oh i'm so sorry the bag didn't work for you :sad:
  4. Still waiting for mine. I could see from the pic that it was the kind of bag that could go either way (either fabulous or tacky) and that the degree of fabulousness or tackiness might be subjective (me, I like shiny and patent) but hey like divia says we can send it back if it doesn't work, right?

    I will report back on mine later tonight :smile:
  5. gillianna, i felt the same exact way when i ordered a mini city tote last month. it looked good online and i've heard good things, but i hated it for the same reasons you stated. cheaply made, poor quality, thin leather, for the $300 price tag it was not worth it.
  6. I'm sorry to hear that. I've been reading about them as well and thinking about purchasing one. Thanks for sharing your experience. I don't think I'll get one, I was debating anyway.
  7. That's the thing about the AC minis. People either love them or hate them. I have a green mini city and it's just a bit small for me so I never use it. I've always wanted the city tote and even saw the bronze on Revolve, but I used all my willpower not to buy it.

    Can you take a pic of it before you send it back? I'm curious to see what it looks like.
  8. Was the leather thin and flimsy? That's what worries me as I don't want cheap leather. I will let everyone know my reaction when I get the bag sometime next week.
  9. I feel like people either love or hate them! I resisted buying that one from Revolve and I'm glad I did....I think the newer ones are made a little better...sorry to hear you were disappointed!
  10. That is exactly what I thought! I have read so many positive things about this bag online and in some magazines, so I was excited to come across one and then I was very disappointed. I couldn't believe how thin the leather seemed. The SA said that people liked them because they are lightweight, versatile and unique, but I wasn't impressed. I passed on it. Maybe some bags are well-made, while others are not.:confused1:
  11. I got mine in bronze from revolve today as well. I'm on the fence. It's an OK bag, but I agree that the leather feels cheap and thin. The color, however, is very nice. I think the leather quality is a problem with the metallic ones. My boyfriend said that it was a bag I could find in Urban Outfitters for $50, and I think he's right. I'm going to give it another day and then probably send it back.
  12. Gotta add my comment - I'm not keeping mine either.
    I personally like the quality of the leather a lot and I think the construction of the bag is really nice.

    However, the color is way too metallic and bright for me. Also, my bag has a very weird smell.

    Sort of chemical-ish like it was treated with something yucky. The smell is literally filling my room right now as I sit and type this and the bag is about 10 feet away. Eek! It is NOT a good smell.

    So anyway, I don't know if i just got one from a bad batch or what because it sounds like mine is different from some of the others.
    But, I definitely like the style and leather (my first AC bag) and will buy another one in the future.
  13. I examined the City Totes at Neiman Marcus today, and to ME it felt like good stuff. I mean, some Balenciaga is paper thin, but nobody doubts that!
    I came home and ordered one in gunmetal. Got a great deal.
    Sorry you were disappointed!
  14. Just wondering how I know it is newer ones or older ones?
    Is the price or design different?

  15. I felt the same way about my AC duffle. It just looked and felt cheap. The hardware looked too shiny and it felt like it would give way if I filled it up too much.