Hate having new Coach...I can't use yet!

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  1. Today I got this at TJ Maxx for 139.00 I want to use it tomorrow. But I am hitting the other TJ Maxx and what if I find something I want more. I need to return bag one.

    Then I have a heritage wallet from Coach. Can't use it ...since if I get the $50 off 150 coupon. I will return and rebuy the wallet. I figure if I don't get the coupon tomorrow I won't get it at all. Same with PCE...everyone here got theirs the week or weekend before me..mine came on Monday.

    So I have to settle for switching out bags for tomorrow. Maybe that will help.

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  2. For that price I say just keep it and still go shopping!
  3. So true..I know I am not going to find it cheaper...a 300+ bag... 2008 style (Factory Bag) no way is it going for less than 139.00. I have to wonder was it mismarked. I saw smaller fabric bags for more. They had a leather ergo for 199.00. I know it was leather but really 60.00 more for leather. Even the MK bags that were smaller were a lot more. But hey I have it that is all that matters.
  4. I feel your pain! I have had my khaki/turquoise Carly and tattersall tote since last PCE but I wasn't sure I wanted to keep them so I couldn't use them. I switched bags about 4 times while deciding, lol. I've finally decided to keep khaki/turquoise Carly and the tattersall went back today so I am busting out the Carly tomorrow.

    Now my newest dilemma...whether or not to keep the cute Coach wallet I got at TJ's for $60 on Wednesday. I like it, but I like the legacy turnlock ones more and if I can find one of those this baby may need to go back. I did take the tags off but I have them and the receipt with it still waiting for my final decision so I'm guessing I can take it back still.
  5. I saw that same bag at a TJ Maxx in Austin on Thursday for the same price. If I liked signature stuff I would have snatched it up!
  6. This is my only signature bag. I have 2 others in leather. What draws me to this bag (and I have already put my stuff in it.) is I can fit my notebook and Spanish book in there. It is heavy but to carry it a few blocks to the bus stop is not big deal. I just get tired of carrying so much stuff and my bag. So if I can fit it in my bag YEAH!
  7. I would wait and see if there is something that you like better. I am not a big mini sig fan and the stiching looks weird on the bottom left like it is missing some or darker or something. Personally I would wait especially since you are not totally in love with it.
  8. I totally know what you mean, I do this every time I buy something, even when I know I love it.. I have only ripped off the tags once in the car.. otherwise I am always waiting and watching, because it seems like there is something else right around the corner, etc. I am getting better about it, I think! :P