Hate Bloomingdales.com... but love the store... (long)


Apr 23, 2007
This is a sad story that turned out to have a good ending. More than a week ago, I found a Celine Boogie on sale on Bloomingdales.com for 50% off. I have been looking at this bag for a while and decided to go for it since it was a good deal. This is my first Celine Boogie so I was super excited and check my email daily for its shipment status. When it finally arrived on Wednesday, I opened the box and felt someone had punched me in the stomach. In the box was a Juicy Couture bag that looked nothing like the Boogie that I had ordered except for the same black color. It was wrapped in clear plastic. I didn't even have to open the plastic as there is a big JC logo in the front of the bag. The whole evening I can feel the bitter dissapointment in my mouth. (yes, I know it's only a bag, but can't really help it... ) This is not the first time Bloomingdales.come messed up my order. But at least last time, they sent me the same brand I had ordered, just different model. This is definitely the last time I order anything from Bloomingdales.com.

So today I finally have some time to drive down to South Coast to return the bag at Bloomingdales. (I had heard too many horror stories about return via mail to Bloomingdales.com to risk having more headache over this purchase) After returning the bag, I decided to take a stroll at the handbag department. At one of the sales table, I found a beautiful purple patent Ferragamo bag from their origami series that I had lusted after forever. It was marked down from $1850 to $1387 (25% off) already and now gets another 40% off. The bag is super light weight and soft even though it was patent leather. The color is a beautiful deep purple. I just couldn't put it down. After 10 min of looking in the mirror and debating with myself, I went for it. The SA suggested I apply for the store credit card to get additional 15 % off which I did and got the bag for around $700. :yahoo:
The best part of the purchase actually came when I got home and checked on line and found the bag still selling for $1850 on Neimanmarcus.com.
So after a bad start, this bag purchase experience had come to a very happy ending. As I can't share this kind of excitement with my husband (he will never understand), thanks for letting me share it here with my fellow bag lovers who would certainly understand. :P


Feb 15, 2008
That sucks that you had an issue with Bloomingdales.com. I've heard some horror stories like that through out TPF.


Jan 16, 2006
San Diego
What a great happy ending. So it actually turned out to be a good thing you got the wrong bag. I also have a habit of checking online to validate after I get a good deal...makes me feel even better. You did great. Enjoy your beautiful new bag.


Jan 9, 2008
Congrats on your beautiful new Ferragamo bag! I have some Ferragamo pieces and love their designs. I wish their bags were a bit more popular, so that more department stores would carry them. Ferragamo is hard to find compared to other brands.

Glad to hear everything worked out in the long run. Enjoy your new bag!


Jun 6, 2007
Absolutely true! I ordered from Bloomingdales.com, ordering a Botkier, receiving a Gustto, at least the same color (the first SA I talked to on the phone encouraged me to keep it instead). Total nightmare trying to return. Took MONTHS to get my money back - repeated calls and emails (unfortunately, I used a Bloomies cc, so I couldn't do a chargeback!). After the dust cleared, I got my money back (no purse).

That being said, I've bought clothing from them and never had a mistake, and the brick-and-morter store is my favorite. Go figure.

Lesson learned: NEVER buy purses from Bloomingdales on-line.


Jul 20, 2008
Aww, sorry you had to go throught that, but I am glad that it all ended up even better! Congrats! Thats a gorgeous bag!


Jan 29, 2009
Bloomies on line has a NEW return policy:

It's highlighted on their on-line homepage...here's what some of it says:

"Online merchandise returns can now be made at any register in all Bloomingdale's stores. Your account will be credited immediately when making an in-store return".

I like shopping at the Bloomies store, but find it HARD to navigate the on-line site, because it doesn't have an option for sizes--just brands, so I have to spend too much time searching thru pages and pages of stuff, mostly only to find things that are NOT in my size. How do you navigate on Bloomies site?--if anyone knows of a way to navigate via sizes, I'd wish you'd share it with me.

BTW, LOVE your new bag and though it was a PITA, it was worth it, cause that bag is SHARP!


Jul 4, 2008
It's funny that when they mess up an order they never accidentally give you something better. Like ordering a Gussto and get a Chanel.


Feb 15, 2008
I ordered some CK boots after Thanksgiving. Does anyone know how many days I have to return it to Bloomies?


**My Snow Pup**
Jul 6, 2007
New England
Aw, OP--it's too bad you had to deal with the disappointment with your original purchase :sad:, but what a great ending to the story! I guess it was fate. Even though it was horribly disappointing @ the beginning, you got a bag that you've wanted for more than 50% off! That's awesome! Congrats on your new beauty :woohoo:! I :heart: happy endings!