Hatching Baby Chicks.. 3 More Days Left!

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  1. I am so excited.. 3 more days left until the baby chicks hatch... I incubated 24 of them.. YIKES!
    I will take pics, and a vid of them hatching... Then post it here....
  2. OMG, how cute!!!
  3. I can hear some peeping in the incubator.. Hope they don't hatch to early..
  4. Awww, what are you gonig to do when they hatch?
  5. do you know what breed they are? I love chickens.
  6. Well I went to the nearest place that had fertilized chicken eggs.. And have no clue what breed they are.. But damn I get so fascinated hatching them...

    I love chickens too.. But I live in a apartment in NJ, and need to give them away when they are about a week old... :sad: MY cousin has a big chicken coop, so I am going to give them to him...

    When I get older and have my own house "god willing", I dream of a big garden and a big chicken coop...LOL
  7. I did this when I was in school many years ago I remember well only one hatched "she" was called Connie after the person who found "her"
  8. its so much fun to see what ends up hatching! I wish I lived closer and had more room. I'd take a few off your hands! you must post pics when they hatch and start a thread so we can see their progress! I can't wait to see what they are! (I'm probably more excited than you are! :lol:)
  9. Oh I am dieing of excitement... And I cant wait to see what colors they are going to be... last year I incubated 12 only 6 hatched.... This time I was like "oh what the hell, lets do 24!! LMAO... I sure will post pics... Maybe I should have started the thread in the animal subfourm:shrugs:
  10. how cute! :love:
  11. peep, peep, peep!!! How exciting!
  12. you have to post pics! before and after! toooo cute!
  13. oh wow! Can't wait to see them... chicks are so adorable! I love watching ducklings hatch as well. So cute!
  14. I love watching the chicks hatch! How exciting!
  15. How cute. I can wait to see the pictures of the little chicks