Hatbox Key Holder!

  1. How cute is this little darling! :tender:

    It's a fair bit pricier than usual LV keychains, but unlike most of them this one's actually useful with that little compact mirror and pocket! :yes:

    Louis Vuitton Hatbox Key Holder $485.00

    * Polished golden brass
    * Monogram hatbox charm dangles from link chain
    * Hatbox opens to interior mirror and small compartment
    * Louis Vuitton signature inset in link chain
    * Secure lobster clasp

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

  2. I thought I'd like this better in person but I really didn't. I saw it yesterday and it was HEAVY and I couldn't get it open. Lol.
  3. I love it too!!! But I can't justify paying that much for it at least right now. But I do keep looking at it..lol
  4. Oh no! I certainly thought it would be heavy, it looks like it's made of brass (or at least some brass-plated metal) and that mirror, but it looks so cute. Maybe you'd have felt better about it if it had worked properly for you! :push:
  5. I've seen it at the store also, and it's very heavy. But, it is cute.
  6. I love it- it's sooooooo cute!!!!
  7. Lol it's definitely cute but I think I'd have liked it more if it had been maybe $250.
  8. ^ITA... I haven't seen it in person but $250 seems like something I'd pay for it.. I love that you can use it as a pill holder.. I'd love that!
  9. I agree I saw it IRL and it is cute but so heavy ... it looked great on the mono bequia:yes:
  10. This is my very favorite thing right now but the PRICE!:wtf:
  11. They're cute enough, but yeah, quite difficult to open :yucky: Also, I don't like whatever print technique was used to get the monogram on there, it looks rather pixelated and shoddy, like a knockoff product printed on a $50 home printer.
  12. I think its adorable....a bit pricey, and probably not something you would carry your keys on, just a nice bit of eyecandy to hang off a bag....

    I would be afraid that if I dropped it even once, the inside mirror would shatter....but I think it is adorable for those who are collectors of miniatures...
  13. Oh wow i love it.
  14. I think it's adorable. I have yet to see it IRL though, and I have the same worries about the monograms being in bad pixelisation. I'm thinking about getting the real hatbox instead. =P

    Edit; It's not really pricier then tha pastilles keychain is it?
  15. Haven't seen it IRL but I do think it is cute from the pictures.