Hat to match perfume beauty case!

  1. Hey girls!

    I was searching on Coach.com tonight, and I typed in the word PINK.

    THIS came up!




    Didn't see the beauty case, though!
  2. Don't like this line.
  3. The hat is cute, but im not too keen on the perfume bottles on things. I dont know, its juts not my thing. However, seeing it on someone could actually change my mind! LOL
  4. I really like the beauty case, it seems appropriate for a beauty case. However, this print on a hat... I'm not so sure.....:confused1:
  5. The beauty case is online now.
  6. Better yet, check out the MATCHING TOTE!

    eBay Item # 180092067616
  7. the tote is on the website you just have to search for it, pink tote, and it's not avaliable online :sad: too much pink for me!

    i want the brush case, i think it would be perfect for makeup! i also want one each of the fragrance shapes (collecting) and am thinking about a scarf or ponytail scarf!

    i don't like the crusher style i wish they'd come out with another shape of hat :shrugs:
  8. Eh...its not my favorite.
  9. me either. they had this hat at our stores here, and i can't imagine wearing it...