hat question Love the new patchwork hat!!

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  1. Does anyone have the patchwork hat (love the new one, so cute!) or the stripew crusher> Could you poet a picture if you do, love to see it on!!! I think it would be great for this coming HOT texas summer!
  2. Just got back from Marshalls, Wow! I found a bright green coach crusher, I think. I hope it fits right, It comes down really low. I'll take a pic and try to post a pic.
  3. I just moved to TX at the beginning of the year and have been thinking about getting a crusher too! That's so funny. *L* I figure with that insanely hot sun I might need one. I don't know if they look alright on me or not though. I tried on the watercolor stripe one in the store and wasn't sure.
  4. Cant wait to see it.
  5. Definitely post a pic if you can! Another Texas girl here and I was thinking about getting a hat this summer, too!
  6. Pardon the lack of makeup and please give me your honest opinion on how it looks and fits, the tags are still on!
  7. imo it looks bright bright bright. and maybe that's a good thing because it could brighten an outfit. maybe it's the flash. i don't know but it doesn't really scream to me. but hey, it's a pretty good fit on you. hope my opinion gives you some perspective or helps
  8. This picture might be better. It is pretty bright, I'd definatley say LIME green!!:wlae:
  9. Very cute! ^^^

    I wish Coach did a visor! I have a really cute Burberry one I got for my birthday.

    I also have another "crusher" style hat I got at Disney...I'll have to take a pic of it. From a distance it looks like the Coach C's but they are actually outlines of Mickey heads!