hat is the name of this darn bag I have??!! LOL!

  1. I have had this silver-blue LV bag sitting in my closet for several years..It has a long strap.....do they still make this style and what the heck is it called!!!!! Its driving me crazy trying to remember the name...Please help!!LOL! Yes..I am pathetic..I will lose sleep thinking about this!HEE!HEE!HEE!
    [​IMG]upper right corner,Pic out of my bag showcase......:shame:
  2. No one answer her.....I want to see her go crazy!!! Bahahahahahhahahahahaahhahaha

  3. ^^LOL! you spoiled brat! you just ordered 2 MJ bags...sniff......!!! YOU ARE EVIL!!!!!!HEE!!HEE!HEE!
  4. Oh, PHH would be sooooooo pissed if he read this.
    You don't even know THE NAME of all your bags. Hee-hee.
    I have no clue about the bag, but it is darling. :smile:
  5. ^^LOL! I know..if I hear the darn name..I will KNOW it...god..its really bugging me!!LOL!
  6. Is it the Christie?
  7. ^ thats not ringing any bells...who knows...
  8. I Googled it.
    You could've purchased one on Ioffer for $40 bucks, LOL.
  9. is that wha t they call that style bag though?
  10. I think I saw a backpack on ebay that was a similar shape and in that color, but I just looked on ebay and didn't see anything remotely similar too it. It's beautiful though!
  11. I Think It Is The Christie.....Hold On.....
  12. Christie GM
  13. Were There To Sizes? I Just Messaged A Friend Who Has It....She SentMe A Picture Her Looks Smaller. That Would Explain Why Yours Is The GM
  14. I thought the Christie too:yes:
  15. THANKS GUYS! You are the best..I knew the gals on the PF could solve this mystery!!LOL!