Hastens Mattress - worth $14K??

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  1. Have any of you heard of Hastens beds made in Sweden? They are pretty spendy, but I have to admit after shopping around, I think they are handsdown the most comfortable beds out there. Their lowest end starts at $3400, and it goes up from there. The one that we really love is $14k (which is middle of the road, the most expensive is $40k or something crazy). All of the beds are hand made out of 100% natural materials (meaning no foam, latex, etc.)

    Has anyone else slept on a Hanstens mattress? How much would you pay for your mattress?
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  2. At first I thought the 14K was a typo- I wouldn't pay more than 3K for mine. How long is the warranty for?

    On the one hand, it's a lot of money and yet on the other, we spend so much of our lives sleeping that if you have the money and want that bed, then go for it.
  3. i have a hästens bed but it was £3k-ish. but it was an ex-display so i think retail was just under £5k. i have a superia in london, and in finland i have an excelsior which my parents bought waaay before their prices went up so insanely. my parents have a 2000T which i think is above mine but i don't think it's more comfortable than mine. they're incredibly comfortable but i don't know how much of a difference there is once you get above that. but the lowest end ones aren't that comfortable at all (IMO anyway) so either splurge or go for another brand. the guarantee is 25 years so i guess that's twice your average bed or something like that.

    hmmm i should really crawl into my bed rather than stay up all night on the pf :nuts:
  4. For $14K it had better come with some hot guy to rub me down before I go to sleep every night. Hey.. I'm picky. :P
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  5. ^lmao!
  6. I'm a huge Stearns & Foster fan, I think they're great. Not cheap but not as much as the Hastens, either.
  7. I would never spend for the highest price mattress in a brand's line. Manufacturers make a "good", "better" and "best" so people can make a decision. Some people are fine with the basics and some want the top-of-the-line, so they cater to both. (like the Hastens rep said)

    Like with Tempurpedic mattresses, unless you're 300+lbs, the 3-inch foam pad gives you all the benefits the body needs. There's no difference with increasing the thickness of the Tempurpedic material after that.
  8. Hey bedwizard... you are sooooooo not allowed to advertise here! Sheesh, people these days :Push:

    Amen to that!
  9. Exactly...at the very least, I better orgasm every time I lie down.
  10. Frankly I think that's insane. I would much rather spend that money on shoes and handbags!!
  11. Yah me too!! That's alot of money!

    Totally agree on this as well. I wouldn't spend more then like 2K on a mattress. Do your research online first!