Hasselhof & Bach

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  1. A superior Court Judge gave Hasselhoff and Bach alternate weeks with their kids and trade off holidays and birthdays annually. Poor Kids:sad:

    [​IMG] [​IMG]


    Source: celebritywonder.com
  2. Shared child custody is becoming the norm. The reasoning behind it is that it eliminates ugly custody battles and also takes the financial motivation for litigating for custody out of the equation, since both parents have the children for equal blocks of time and (theoretically) share equal financial burden. It is also believed that equal parenting=equal parental rights.

    In my experience, these situations only work when the parents get along really well. From what I've read about these folks, this is a high conflict situation so I am sure the kids will feel a lot of stress.

    Speaking of stress, I felt a great deal of stress the first time I watched THIS:


    :lol: :lol: :lol: :shocked:
  3. why r they getting divorced? this could work if they refuse to argue or say bad things about one parent to the kids. if they do that I dont see the problem.
  4. I read that she got a restraining order. She alleges the he drinks and becomes violent. A judge agreed. I believe he's been in rehab several times for alcohol.
  5. WOW!:blink:
  6. I feel for the kids.
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