Has your SO ever vetoed a bag purchase?

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  1. Just wondering. Mine vetoes anything LV Damier. I've never even really considered it but anytime we happen upon it he issues a 'pre-emptive veto'. Strangely enough, it's the colourscheme that does it, he likes things to 'pop' more...

    Oh and for some reason he also vetoed a red alligator birkin with diamonds... something to do with not wanting to sell his kidneys to buy me a bag? DH really very silly man sometimes... ;)
  2. he's never told me not to buy a bag although he's opined on my purchases many times most unfavorable and unsolicited. he did convince me not to get a gryson tate. i had sales goggles and would definitely have regretted purchasing it. he's a good voice of reason to have...sometimes.
  3. Every bag I have ever owned lol. There might be one bag that he may like of mine but all the others (which is a lot) he hates them! I can no longer go shopping with him because of that.

    A few years ago we were in the guess store and I was just looking at things and I had my hand out feeling the material and he walked in front of it and made me drop it! :yucky: I was embarrassed and all I heard was complaining. Why would you buy things like that?! BLAH BLAH BLAHHH! Any ways anytime I get a new bag he gives me a hard time and it happens so much that I just roll my eyes. lol and now it doesn't bother me!
  4. He will tell me if something I am holding is ugly but if I have my heart set on it, he doesn't really care as long as he thinks I will use it.
  5. i think if he ever did, id just want it more lol
  6. He does not veto my bags per say but when I ask his opinion he is more than happy to give it to me.:P
  7. He does not veto my purchases because I usually don't tell him of my purchases until after I've already bought it :nuts:

    I will ask him though whether he likes my purses and so far he's liked all of the purses in my collection with the exception of my YSL ponyhair muse. I also know he doesn't like Coach bags, but then again I don't own any.
  8. DH usually goes with the flow and rarely makes a comment. When he does, I take it seriously because I really respect his eye.
  9. Whoa, me too :graucho:
  10. Sometime DH will vetoed a bag and sometime he don't. But most of the time he don't be with me when I do purchase my handbags. And when he does see them he don't say a word except that he likes it, but to watch out for my MIL because she's gonna want them:smile:
  11. He tries, but that doesn't mean I'll listen :shrugs:

    Sometimes though, I think he does it to sort of test me.. to make me think about how much I really want the bag. If I can be talked out of it easily, he's like "See, aren't you glad I talked you out of it?" and I have to admit, I usually am.
  12. i've never asked him for his opinion. i buy what i want.
  13. My SO vetoes every bag I get when he sees the package arrive at the door. ;)
  14. my bf votes NO to any LV, yes to chloe paddington and "no comment" on balenciaga
  15. My DH always tells me to carry a larger bag, then he pawns off all his crap on me so he can keep his pockets empty. The man needs his own dayumed purse. :rolleyes: