Has your SA warned you about not hanging your lock on your kelly as it will....

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  1. leave a black mark on your leather (permanently)....

    OR worse, the lock might scratch/slit your leather due to the sharp edges...

    I used to hang the lock on my bag... & one day at my local store - the SA advised me to remove the lock from the ring due to the reasons stated above.

    To my horror, she was right - there was indeed a black mark left on the leather & she tried to remove it with a polishing cloth, but the mark remained.

    She also shared with me that someone had hung her lock together with the clodette on her birkin & due to some impact tt happened (I cant remember exactly what it was now) - the lock left a deep scratch on the leather.

    Point here - she advised me to keep my lock in my bag or at home if I did not plan to use it.

    Pic taken here for illustration was a pic by Haute Couturess (Sorry Haute Couturess - i hope you do not mind I used your pic for this thread - I just saw your pic & this matter came to my mind)
  2. That would freak me out big time, especially since the bag is so expensive!!
  3. no problem, i do not mind at all, but i disagree with you. i place the lock on the rings always and never has there been a mark from the top. where i do see marks are where the lock is hung from the turnkey, that happens often. i wish you would post a pic of the mark where you hung your lock, that is helpful, thank you!
  4. thanks. :biggrin:

    yes, maybe i should - i will try to get some pics to show what i mean...

    i certainly do not mean in any way that this will happen to everyone - but as prev, I never read about this issue before, so i always thought it was fine to hang the lock on my bag until the SA highlighted to me (& she didnt even see the mark yet when she made the advice).

    maybe i am just the unlucky one here (since no one has spoken up abt this before)...

    just wanted to bring this matter up for info sake. :biggrin:
  5. I specifically asked Manuela (craftswoman in BH) about hanging my locks on my Box Kellys and she said to leave them on there, no harm would come of it. There is slight impression, but nothing major. Maybe the effect depends on the leather?
  6. I think you may be right about different leathers and also color may have a factor in it as well. I have a Gold Kelly in VL and although it is only a year old, it does now have a dark mark where the lock was lying against the leather. I thought it was just me being too rough with my Kelly. Think I will take your advice and remove it.
  7. ok, i took a pic - hope it shows up clear & well...

    the 'black marks' as you can see seem to be accurate points as according to where the lock was normally hung - thus i was convinced that the black marks came from the lock, & not dirt or anything else imprinted on the leather... :sad:
    kelly 003.jpg
  8. Great pic^^

    Well, I have had my lock hung for AGES on my Kelly and nothing has happened. I could see that possibly something could happen, but for those who prefer to keep it on...I have not had a problem.
  9. Yes, I bought mine from the Madison Av store, and my SA there warned me and advised me to do the same.
  10. i never saw anything like that so good thing you mentioned it bbbochap! BTW that is a beautiful green, what color is it exactly on your kelly? it looks so emeraldish, very pretty.
  11. I haven't seen marks exactly like that, but I have seen definite marks on Barenia and sometimes Box from the lock rubbing against the leather. I have a very old Kelly that has a permanent "rub" mark from the lock--but in that case, it just adds to the patina on that particular bag. I'd be upset if it happened on a new bag though!
    I definitely think it depends on the leather, and to some extent the color, of the bag.
    Sorry this happened, but I am glad your SA alerted you to the possibility!
  12. Thank you for sharing it. I will be super cautious now.
  13. Thanks for the warning. I am also wondering whether a cadena would make a more of mark than a lock? For example, an elephant cadena has more "edge" like features.

    Although a different bag, my SA told me to always take the lock off when storing my Bolide as it will leave a mark.
  14. I'm sure it's not something that would happen all the time, but just to mention another thing to keep an eye out for: the lock can also make an impression hanging against the clochette on a Birkin.

    I had a situation similar to bbbochap's Kelly - little black marks or darkened areas appeared in the leather on the clochette where the lock rubs back and forth - it looked like the metal rubbed black into the grains of the leather.

    It came off but I no longer leave the lock hanging during storage, just to be on the safe side.
  15. Tokyogirl,

    I am wondering about the same thing. It's alway nice to be cautious since Hermes bags ARE expensive