Has your SA ever called you to.... ?

  1. .

    ...fish for information about another member of your family?

    I don't have a regular SA on Maui, so I got a recommendation from my SIL to see a certain SA in the Wailea boutique.

    My SIL is a power shopper when she puts her mind (and wallet!) to it... she's also a tPF member, (Hi, SIL *waves*:flowers:) but she also recently moved from Hawaii to the continental US, and apparently did not update her cell number with the Wailea SAs.

    Anyway.... this SA was a help in getting me my Damier Sophie, so I gave her a positive shout out thru the LV "contact us" site. The SA called to tell me "thank you" for my compliment.... and then asked me about my SIL! :s

    I thought that was a little brazen. If my SIL wanted her to have the new number, she would've made sure to leave with the SAs. Plus, I kind of felt put on the spot.... like when car salesmen ask you if any of your family or friends might be interested in buying a car.

    Too pushy. JMO

  2. No, they haven't called be and asked me about other members of my family.

    Because I am the preferred customer at Louis Vuitton. :p

    They make fun of regular customers around me, but that's about it.
  3. hasn't happened to me yet, though my mom shops with my SA and we're always shopping together when we see her.

    this really lowers my opinion of this SA. i'm glad i didn't stick with her. this really bothers me, JKP. are you going to stick with her still?
  4. Thats a little weird...
  5. JKP--I got calls for EmilyK! LOL
  6. RG: lol! I can see that! are they ginger calls or multiple SAs?

    I don't think I would've minded if Wailea SA had called saying that SIL had WL'd for something & they were trying to get ahold of her for that.. or even she had tried to chat me up about something new the store got that she thought >>I<< might like....and "hey btw, ur SIL might like this, but we don't have her number, can ya pass it on pls?"

    ...but it really felt more like "hey, I'm looking for an excuse to ask because I don't have a current number for your SIL, can I get it from you?"

    Hrm.... it is less expensive tax-wise to shop on Maui, (and figuring in plane fare, too) but we'll see.... after BF moves back, maybe i'll see about cultivating one of the other SAs.
  7. JKP: i have a high school classmate that works at the LV in wailea. though i can't vouch for her service. i should head down there and test the waters because i'd really like to have a wailea SA since i can't fly to oahu at the drop of a hat. and i don't think flying out to oahu because of a bag launch is entertaining to my parents anymore LOL.

    i've only dealt with one other girl. her english is ok, but she isn't too knowledgeable about different styles. once again spoiled by AM SA....she really knows her stuff!
  8. ROFL, RG! :heart:
  9. This, along with the report of a certain call to shut down a blog is a little too much on the creepy side.
  10. That is strange.
  11. They just ask about my cute kids! LOL
  12. that IS strange. The most they could've done is ask you if you could mention to her that her tel.nr. is not updated..
  13. I think that is a little weird too!
  14. no, they only call me when a bag/wallet I've waitlisted is in or there's something new they think I'd be interested in.