Has your Minkette Charm or Chain scratch the leather on your bag?

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  1. Hi Minkettes,

    As I await a Minkette Charm, I am wondering if those of you who have received the charm and are using it notice any scratches from the charm on your bag's leather.

    Also, chain users, have you noticed scratches?

    Thanks for your responses!
  2. No It hasn't scratched my sage stamp and my homemade chain hasn't scratched my jammin purple or tijuana brown either.
  3. No... the charm is very well made with smooth surface. It hasn't scratched my Iris Nikki so far. I love it!

    a little off the topic, I always worry about the RM tag scratches the leather on new bags. Just like a paper cut. Luckily this hasn't happened to me.. just wonder if it happens to anyone?
  4. Thanks, ladies.

    ^ No, that hasn't been a problem for me. I usually ask sellers to take off the tag and place it inside a pocket before shipment. I do that when I sell too.
  5. I haven't had any Minkette scratches on my Noir.

    As for the paper RM tags, I have had a bag damaged in shipment from LB. I was sad. It wasn't a paper cut, it was like a deep scratch that i couldn't buff out.
  6. No scratches for me as well. Good idea about asking them to put tags in pocket before shipping. :tup:
  7. What is the general opinion of the Minkette charm?
    :tup: or :tdown:

    Someone offered to sell me one, and I didn't take them up on it (although I have acheived queen status in the MAB category), I don't like logos that much.
  8. I also don't have a minkette charm. I used to be really against them b/c of the same idea of labels... but now I see it as a collectible. I also don't like the idea of paying $50 when RM gifted them to the ladies for free...

    they are cute though. What I like more that I have is the RM heart mirror that I rotate with every bag I carry. Now that's utility!. She should bring them back.
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    I have a silver Minkette charm and have never used it only because it's 'uge (bigger than I thought it would be). Also, it's not so much a "label" thing for me as an I really don't feel like explaining exactly what a "Minkette" is to anyone who may ask. ;)

    ETA: OH, not that I'm embarrassed by y'all or anything...I mean being a Minkette is all good! You know...here. On TPF. Just not so much in line at the grocery store as I'm reaching for the latest issue of People. With all the Coach girls...hey, I just want to fit in, is that so wrong?? :P

  10. *~*I've seen pics of that & it's adorable!!! I agree, RM should bring those back!!!*~*
  11. I used to wear one on my teal 3-zip, but I took it off after RM included them with the HSN Minkette bags. I kinda resented that we had to pay $20 for them when they ended up given for free with cheaper bags (and in coveted gunmetal after they told us no to a special order no less!). Plus, I couldn't help but associate the name with those cheap HSN bags afterwards. It totally tarnished the nickname for me.
  12. I use mine as a zipper pull on my Green Dot MAC since I detasselized it and it has just the o-ring. Not sure what I would use it for if I didn't "need" it.

    And yea I think the whole HSN thing left a bad taste in a lot of people's mouths as far as the charm was concerned. I would never pay for one.
  13. I have a silver one and use it on my bags all the time with no problems thus far. I admit that I did purchase one of ths HSN bags to give away to a friend's tween but kept the GM charm for my GM bags. So I rotate out the silver and the gunmetal charm, putting the one that matches the hardware of the bag that I am carrying on the bag itself. The one that is not currently on my bag has been added to my keyring so that I do not loose it.
  14. Yep the HSN left me with a sour stomach and bad taste in my mouth!
  15. I had one but never used it. If it had the older D ring or lobster claw instead of the kite hook I would have used it as a keychain. I do have the GHRM mirror that I love!