Has your love for Bal bags waxed and/or waned?

  1. My Bal bag journey is now almost 3 years old. My obsession was strong during the first year as I racked up 7 bags (and annoyed the heck out of my DH). I calmed down during the second year -- sold a couple, bought a couple. In the third year, I've bought only 1 new bag (but have traded 3 bags). At this point in time, I can honestly say that I have gotten *most* of the B-bag fever out of my system. I am content with my current collection. The 2008 colors don't even excite me. Don't get me wrong, I still love B-bags, but I don't feel this obssessive need to acquire anymore. I guess this is a good thing! :rolleyes:

    Is anyone else experiencing this, too? Starting off with buying rampages, then gradually calming down, then petering out to having almost no desire anymore? I'd like to experiment with other brands (preferably cheaper ones), but so far, nothing tickles my fancy. Chime in, people! :p
  2. Maybe a little. The main aspect is I will no longer pay insanely inflated prices on eBay or elsewhere for older, used bags. I have the ones that I really wanted now, so the hunt is no longer on. I still carry my Bbags more than any other and I am really looking forward to the colorful '08 season and will probably get 2-4 more this spring and others that I am not using at all, I may decide to sell. At one time I had 19, that is wayyyyyyyy too many for me. With my LV's, Prada, Chanel, etc. too many get neglected and just sit in the closet. That is silly. :shame:biggrin:uplicates of the same color only in different styles, years, etc...... I have narrowed that down now and I am happy with my current collection.......for now. Tomorrow, who knows?:p
  3. ^^ yeppers, you can count me in the "waxed & waned" group (lol!!!) :p...i lusted after b-bags for about 3 years before taking the plunge...i think it was after seeing photos of gwyneth paltrow & her black city strolling around nyc...i thought to myself "wow, that's the coolest looking bag i've ever seen!!!"...i was never a purse junkie until then, but that's when my obsession began...finally, in the summer of 2006, i made my 1st purchase & bought a black twiggy...that led to another & another & another, until 6 months later, my collection was up over 20 :sweatdrop:...it can definitely take a long time to get things right & i'm still not there yet...i think i'm down to about 13 b-bags & 3 clutches and i'm still widdling down...since that time i've dabbled in a few other brands (chanel, chloe, fendi, gucci, etc.)...but still to this day, nothing can hold a candle to my b-bags :tender:
  4. I hear ya, KD. I never bought a designer bag until one year ago, which is when I bought a bbag. I have collected 8 bbags since then, but I'm kind of over it. I'm not selling any, but I don't have a desire to buy any more. I have also bought 2 Gerard Darel and 2 Lupo bags recently, so I'm changing it up a little. So I can relate . . . :yes:
  5. My first one was an 05 Chocolate Twiggy and that is when I became obsessed. Bought a lot, sold a lot and I am now down to these basics: the orig. Choc. Twiggy plus:
    06 RH Dark Caramel City (this may have been called Marron)
    07 RH Black day
    07 GH Sienna Day
    07 RH Mogano City
    Black coin
    Brown coin
    1 Pewter mini Twiggy
    1 Black satin mini bag
    1 burgundy suede city first (year maybe 04?!?!?)

    I am STILL obsessed. Truly, I can't seriously consider using another handbag -- not Prada, not Chanel, not Gucci, though God knows I have tried -- only Balenciaga will do. This B-bag phase may pass, but I don't see it happening soon!!!:shame::love:
  6. including accessories, i've acquired 9 bbags since summer 06, and i currently have 8, i keep being tempted by new season colors, but unless i find an amazing deal now, i eventually get over the temptation.

    I paid full price for my first three bags, including two men's day in different colors, but the most i paid for the last of my three bags was $500, none of those accessories, and i plan on keeping it that way if there's a bag that comes up that i MUST have.

    I still love coming on here though and drooling over all your gorgy collections! and wishing i had more money :girlsigh:
  7. nope, not an ounce. if they weren/t so expensive i'd buy it in every color possible............
  8. I hear ya.

    My obsession started 5 years ago, my first Bbag is my 2nd season FBF that I got from BalParis.
    I'd been consistently buying these bags ever since spring 02, but my true obsession began about half a year ago, when I discovered that the Work was my absolute fav style and decided to do some acquiring and chopping.

    I've never been into purses until Bbags, my soft spot has always been clothes(Bal, Rick Owens, and Marni mostly)and shoes(Manolo, Choo, Louboutin mostly and moto and cowboy boots obsession added on top of it).

    Now that I have most of what I wanted, and I adore and use all of my bags instead of having this Bbag museum, I'm beginning to feel content. Heck, I've been buying these bags for 5 years, I should feel content!!!:p LOL
    Once I get my HGs and a few from the spring collection, I *might* be done with my collection.
  9. no waxing or waning, only refining.
    it's been almost one year to the date that i bought my 1st b-bag, a white 06 Day from Barneys. it was like a drug - that soft unbelievably gorgy leather!!! argh, i had to have more more more!!
    since that first purchase, i have bought/sold over 30 bags!! :nuts: right now, there's a cool bakers dozen sitting in my closet, but i'm still chopping and shopping! i'm getting closer to my "must haves" and have gone thru a couple of HG's and, fingers crossed, i'll be satisfied once i get a few more crossed off the list
    PS - i have also previously dabbled in MJ, LV and currently still have a sweet little Chanel Timeless Clutch sitting alongside my b-bags, but nothing compares to my b-bag babies:drool:...
  10. Well not the love, but the acquiring, sort of... as I mentioned in my other thread. I let myself spend a little this year to see how it goes, whether I'm done when I have all the bags I wanted... and I would have said yes for the foreseeable future, before seeing the new 08 colors... :rolleyes: I'm a sucker for turquoise and blue so I might add one of those, but the "frenzy" has passed. :smile:

    I hope to enjoy them now instead of buying and searching all the time! And I wear them everyday, so I guess the lust has passed but not the love? :lol:
  11. I was pretty obsessed when I discovered Balenciaga motorcycle styles about 15 months ago and spent nearly half of my annual income on 29 BBags (have since sold only 2 at quite a loss) in less than 6 months. I have collected almost all the colours I want so the only new Bbag I bought this season is a Jaune Twiggy, and I haven't even taken the tags off yet! I have definitely calmed down in terms of buying, but I still smile when I take one out to use.

    I won't say that my love has waned, but I think whether I use BBags depends very much on my outfit and what I am doing. At the height of my obsession last year, my lifestyle was pretty casual and the BBags went great with all my jeans and casual clothes. Right now, I am going to work in a more formal setting (but only for 4-6 months), so I tend to carry my Chanels and Hermes.

    Recently, I have developed an unbearable itch for Hermes, and at those prices, I have to be much more circumspect with regards to my spending. It also helps that not all Hermes styles/leathers/colours are readily available, so that automatically reins-in my spending.
  12. I've been drooling over the Bbags since the beginning of this yr. and took the plunge and bought my first one in Aug. and have since purchased 7 more.....sold 3 and now just have 4. I'm content with my small Bal family for now and probably won't purchase any until next Spring (March or April). Luckily, none of the '08 colors are grabbing my attention so my cc thanks me for that!:lol: I still love the Bbags since I'm still new to them but they cost a lot more than my previous obsession (LV) and I'm trying to hold out for the colors that I really want and not just buy because it's such a "great price". I don't want to have to go to the hassle of re-selling it and not be able to recoup what I originally paid for it. So I have to reallly, really, love the color!;)
  13. I am also going on 3 years of B-bag madness and yes, I am getting bored. I think for me it is because I have already obtained all of hg bags. I still love my bags and they will continue to be a big part of my collection, however I am done buying them. I just can't get over the difference in leather and quality. The tassels alone on the new bags just make me cringe. My heart is with the 04/05 colors with the exception of juane. I love my jaune twiggy. My violet step and my vert gazon twiggy? Not so much.

    I did get first Hermes (all leather garden tote); but I do not intend to go down that slippery slope anytime soon (at least I will try not to!)
  14. Waxing and waning - yes. A year ago there was such a frenzy - bags would appear on eBay and moments later be sold and often for amazing prices. It was so exciting, you couldn't help but get caught up in it. I learned so much about bbags at that time, and learned to really appreciate preloved leather, the variations in color, smooshiness, etc. It was easy to get caught up in everyone's excitement, and easy to buy way too many bags.
    Those were heady days.
    I don't know if my interest has waned or if I have just had a few reality checks.