Has your listing been removed?

Jul 20, 2006
I know we all have been up in arms over 'bay's 30-day restriction on selling. What is the deal with auctions being removed?

I noticed that today I was able to list some items without the restriction notice coming up. Does that mean they might cancel the auction later in the week?

Have they switched to this method so they can shut down the listing, then keep the listing fee?

Any thoughts?


Jul 5, 2007
Toronto, Ontario
If they shut the listing down, they'll refund your fees. You may have passed the restrictions! (I sympathize. Personally, I hate spending the whole 7 days with my fingers crossed.)


Daddy's Little Girl
Feb 11, 2008
Dovunque voglia andare
I had about 10 listings cancelled for trademark and copyright issues about a month ago for my Pop Art Louis Vuitton prints, and they refunded all of my fees. God, that would be an all time low of *bay to keep the fees. But that is one thing I haven't heard them doing.
Jul 20, 2006
I will have to check on the fees, as to whether they were refunded or not.

Are they more aggressively removing listings after they are posted? Seems like a few wks ago the concern was more that they were forbidding us from listing.


Harshed Mellow
Aug 14, 2008
USA & Italy
They may have just put a "limit" on your account. This happened to me. I messed up my HTML and had to edit all my listings to correct a problem. I got a notice of limitation. When I talked to CS they said I had too many "branded" items listed. (more than what I normally do) I told them my problem and they removed the limitation 5 days later.