Has your husband ever eaten something...

  1. out of the fridge that you were planning to throw away but forgot about? my dh just ate some chicken salad I had in a tuperware bowl and I just found out because the container is empty! I don't have the heart to tell him it was on its way out and besides I don't want the power of suggestion to send him into Scarlett O'Hara mode about how he's gonna die! I guess it must have been okay tasting still.:sweatdrop: I'm still keeping my eye on him and have 911 on the speed dial.....I'm sure it was okay or it would have reeked, no?:wtf:
  2. Have him drink some alcohol ASAP. It's known to kill bacteria in spoiled food if they're both consumed within a relatively short time.
  3. He is a recovering alcoholic so I'm gonna have to veto that idea. I think it was okay cause he's fine and from further questioning he ate it about 3 hours ago so if he's going down, it would be around now....he's such a garbage disposal!
  4. guys do this all the time. my so and I always argue about weather the food is still good or not.
  5. BagnShoo, LOL:roflmfao: maybe if you over drama and do the [SIZE=-1]Heimlich Maneuver and insist the chicken salad has to come out, he'll stop trying to be scarlett o hara... tell him he probably doesn't have the big eyes and lashes for it... HEHEHHE[/SIZE]

    if i ever meet MR. BagnShoo i'll tell him you tried to poison him with chicken salad and was watching him waiting for it to take effect ..... MUHAHAHAHA

    i don't think guys can tell if something is turning bad unless it looks psychedelic purple...

    i'm sure his tummy is used to all the food he puts into it... i'm sure he'll be fine...=)

    "I guess it must have been okay tasting still.[​IMG] I'm still keeping my eye on him and have 911 on the speed dial.....I'm sure it was okay or it would have reeked, no?[​IMG]"
  6. Haha, I'm sure he's fine...men usually have stronger stomachs than women. :p
  7. I ate some green chicken once.

    Oddly enough my worst tussel with food poisoning was after consuming pringles and V8.
  8. Just keep an eye on him, and watch if he gets nauseous.
  9. Mine was after eating a whole bag of garlic parmesean pita chips.
  10. I don't think thats possible. He had an eyelash caught in his eye this morning and I know that hurts and everything but you would have thought his whole eyeball fell out of his head. Sheesh.
  11. ^ LOL I see you have a drama king on your hands huh? :king:

    Have you tried countering LIKE with LIKE and acting the same way when something happens to you? :hysteric:

    since he had an eyelash episode this morning, it means the chicken salad agreed with him... which is good i guess... =)
  12. My husband is famous for eating old food. He'll eat it then pay for it the next day and complain then do the same thing in another month. I think it is a man thing.

    Is this post saying something about my fridge cleaning skills? LOL
  13. :smile: same here!
  14. Don't worry, he'll be fine. My SO yells at me if I throw away pizza the next day--he says it's good for at least a week(!) and he EATS it a week old!!!! (EEEEEWWW).
  15. I was told expiration dates are a marketing gimmick....by people who are part of the medical profession........
    Of course no doctor would recommend that you eat expired food as they do not want potential law suits.

    I am not recommending anything here but if he ate it already, let it be.
    What's the worst that can happen?

    Go with what you feel is best.