Has your handbag shopping/taste,etc. changed since joining this forum?


Jan 3, 2006
Kind of a long title, but what I want to know is, how being a member of this forum has impacted you and your shopping trends.

I will start; the best thing about this forum for me is that I am now braver with my purse choices; color wise. I used to strictly stick with black bags. However, you guys have positively influenced me to "broaden my horizens". :biggrin: I love color now and will probably never buy a black bag again; at least in the near future.

I turned into a Chloe lover! I never had one till NOW!
But it also refined my choices...even my hubby noticed I am buying less trendy bags and staying with good quality ones...YEAH!
Turned me into a Balenciaga ADORER!
And..:shame: ...before I joined the forum, I was O.K. with buying a fake, in fact I was about to go to NYC to purchase an LV. However, the PF totally changed my mind, and now I dont think twice about it. Now, I just have a 'designer inspired' Hermes Birkin in a rouge as a book bag for school....I'd never put a real Birkin through the hell known as my schoolbooks!:P
It has not changed the bags I like - I never got into the Paddy or the Balenciaga that everyone always raves about here but I did discover Mulberry and got the courageto buy my first Chanel. I too always stuck with safe colors before the forum but I still only own and only want Black, Brown and white and of course LV. I do not do colors in bags. I also discovered IF Audra (which I bought) and Hayden Harnett. I have learned soooooo much - My taste stays the same and that is just the way It should be.
Becca4277 said:
I will start; the best thing about this forum for me is that I am now braver with my purse choices; color wise.

Nearly the same here. I've gotten some "loud" bags before, but I was always afraid to go too big, especially with red. But thanks to PF (and passerby) I would really love some more (solid) red/orange/green/white in my closet :]

Although my taste hasnt really changed being a member of this forum has definitely taught me some things (about handbags) too, and I hope it continues to teach me. I never knew there were so many types of designers! When I was in high school I didn't care much for designer purses anyway. Now I really appreciate the quality and beauty of some designer handbags. Hopefully some day I'll have a collection as fine as the ladies on here do.
Since joining this forum, I have been a little more open minded to other brands. It was this forum when I discovered the Chloe brand and the Paddy craze.

If there is one thing I've gotten out joining this forum, is knowing I am not alone when it comes to my admiration of designer bags. It is a safe feeling to know there is someone else that gets it when others around you don't.
i fell in love with the cerises line because of this forum. am now a proud owner of one :love: also, i must admit when some of you girls rave about your new purchases i tend to research on it?:biggrin: because of this forum my purchases will now be well thought of (no more returns i hope lol) it's always nice to get a second opinion ... well, in here a second,third , fourth ...:P
I think that the forum has helped me to shop more confidently -- I can always ask the experts here for help or advice or opinions when I come home from the store, or when I log off of ebay.

Before, I didn't have this resource to turn to. It's like having a reference book or something. But one that is very interactive and that changes and grows every day.
Unfortunately for my bank account, I've become much more enamoured with more expensive bags. And I agree with the larger bag business, I used to only carry pochette sized bags, but I'm slowly buying larger bags. I've also become so much more in love with Louis Vuitton, it's really cool to talk about LV going-ons with other forum members ! ;)