Has your H-style changed over the years?


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Apr 24, 2006
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Recently I find myself in absolute lust over the Bolide, which is funny because it wasn't too long ago that I only had eyes for shoulder bags such as the Gao, Trim, Massai, and Evelyne. Not much has changed in terms of lifestyle over the past few months so I'm not really sure where my desire for a Bolide came from. All I know is that I REALLY want one. :P But this got me to wondering.

Have other tPFers gone through a style change - shoulder bags to handbags, Birkin to Kelly (or vice versa), neutrals to bold colors (or vice versa), etc. And if so, do you know why?


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Aug 23, 2007
^^Well I have to say that their are more styles of H bags that are becoming more interesting to me. I would like to own a GAO at some point. Also I never thought I would like the cashmere scarves and now I own 3!!!
May 6, 2007
yes...........I am kind of sick of the birkin-it is everywhere. I totally love the small light bags. I want a 31cm blue jean bolide!


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Aug 31, 2008
Thanks Valencia. I've been thinking about this a lot lately.

1985 - adored 90 silk twill - Imagined myself an asian variant of a French school girl. thought bags were for very wealthy people only. Adored the kelly

1990's - plisse; switched to other designers for bags,rtw etc - thought H was old lady

2008 - wanted a mou bolide; wanted a sellier kelly; then evelyne; then jige pm; then tsako; then HAC; moved back and forth between love of box and saddle leather; started out thinking the CDC was very 80's undesirable, to now liking it a lot.
2009 - decided 90 twills were old lady - moved to GM c/s; then 70 cm; then pointu
now - back to 90 twill. . . but different styles - less astrologie, more new springs. . . currently love old style bags - sellier & new style scarves.


Mar 7, 2009
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Good question. For many years I just bought scarves, usually in the traditional designs.
Recently, I've started getting bags, bracelets, a shawl or two - even looked at a CDC
yesterday, but can't decide if it's my style...:thinking:


Nov 17, 2006
I am still a beginner in terms of H, and seeing that I am almost 45 years old I don´t think I see a future change in style;)

eta. I also started with shawls and leather bracelets, then needless to say it then escalated into bags,lol!



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yes it has (in my mind). That's why, whenever I make a decision I try to see how long it lasts before "making an order" I might not like, once it arrives. ;)

As to the why: too many awesome possibilities, too little time, no money tree to "have it all" :sweatdrop: plus maturing in terms of obvious and not so obvious look. A bolide for example is so elegant, yet rather low key to the unknown. As much as I love the birkin, but sometimes I sense people putting me in the "show off" categorie, although most times I couldn't care less. :biggrin:


Sep 24, 2008
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I'm pretty new to H, but it has been a long time (since childhood) that I love wearing all the pretty rainbow colors and H really put that back in me. Now at 34, these bold colors put a big H-appy :biggrin: on my face :smile: .... oh, and should I say.... a big hole in my wallet, too.


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Apr 24, 2006
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Julide - You should definitely get a Gao. I love mine!! Totally under the wire.

880 - Wow! Your style has really changed over the years. I wish I could be that adventurous. And of course you know I think nobody rocks a GM Shawl the way you do.

LGA82 - I can sooo see you with a CDC. I bet you would look great.

lovely64 - No more changes after 45. Puhleeeze! Isn't 45 the new 25 or something?

hair-mess - ITA that spur of the moments are not the way to go. So I guss it is good that I have to wait for the mone tree to grow a little bit before diving in.

Bag-terfly - ITA that H's range of colors makes me happy. When I peek at my SLG rainbow, I get kind of a stupid grin on my face.