Has your child worked as a model?

  1. Our pediatrician, photographer, and hoardes of strangers have suggested my four year old son would make a great model. And now he's just accidentally had his first paid gig. Our photographer asked for permission to use a single photo in his yellow pages advertisement and gave us $100 for signing a model release.

    I think I'll put that money into an IRA or other savings plan for him because one can't start saving for retirement too early. And now I'm wondering if other opportunities would be available to him. We live in southeastern Michigan, not LA, NYC, or Chicago but some auto ads and local ads are shot here.

    I somehow feel weird even considering this, but savings are savings and why not get him started early? At the moment I have the time to take him to shoots, but I wonder what it's like. Does anyone have direct experience with this? Is it fun for kids? And moms? Does it help kids develop any useful skills? I'd be interested in knowing about people's experiences.
  2. My Mom tried to get me to work as a model when I was younger. I looked a lot like Shirley Temple, and my Mom thought it would be a good way for me to get over my shyness (haha, that didn't work). I went to a few of try-outs, and I got a Suave commercial but as soon as the lights were on me, I freaked out and started crying and told my Mom I wanted her to take me home, which she did right away.

    I don't find modeling for kids stuff bad. I don't promoting Legos is the same as those ridiculous child beauty pagents. I think if your son likes doing it, if he enjoys it & your not pushing him, why not do it? I think it teaches them good things- how to interact with adults, how to deal with rejection, etc.
  3. I would go for it , like jilly said. If he likes doing it , and u feel comfortable taking him around , than its worth a shoot. He will be exposed to rejection , thats the only kind of down fall...but u can get rejection from any where
  4. I agree with the other members' responses as well.
    I also did a little modeling when I was about 5 but it wasn't all that big of a deal..just something fun for me to do.
    But the only thing I would caution is if they start asking for money up front before anything is ever done..that's definitely not a sign of a reputable company.
  5. Hi Coco-nut! When I was a little girl I did modeling! It was a lot of fun, and it wasn't at all sketchy or anything. I did an ad for Golden Books... that's the one I most vividly remember, and one for a museum brochure. I don't think it would hurt at all, and it would be fun to look back on for your child!
  6. My sister and i were both models for children's catalogs in England. I remember having a lot of fun with it and getting lots of treats. :P

    It was a little hectic for my Mother, who had to do a lot of running around with us for the shoots.

  7. Haha, same thing for me too actually. I did the whole screaming and crying thing and that was the end of my modelling career. :shame:
  8. My daughter has done some modeling here in Hong Kong, and Loves it! She is four also. It is not really something that I am interested in, but she has repeatedly asked to do more of it, so I think that I will pursue it as long as she is having fun!! It is a bit of a pain in the butt for me, just because my schedule is already hectic, and I have turned down a couple of things, because I felt like it was too much to ask of a small child (one shoot was 8 hours in a few different locations)...but I think as long as you are OK running him to and fro, and he is enjoying himself, you should go for it!!!
  9. I did some modeling when I was younger, too. I think it really does boost your self esteem and makes you more confident. If you and your son enjoy it, and if you don't mind traveling a bit, then I say go for it! It would be a great experience for both of you! Be careful though for who you go with. Some just want to rob you for your money. Never continue on with someone who wants money from you upfront. Also, don't go to a modeling school, it really is a waste of time and money. Try to enter him into an agency, like Ford. Good luck!