Has your bra size changed since your teenage years?

  1. I haven't gained weight in the last 10 years but my bra size has gone up a cup (no pregnancy...)! How weird is that? :wtf:

    How about you girls? Am I the only one? :shame:
  2. mine were biggest when i was around 16-18, they're a bit smaller now. and i've gained weight :censor:
  3. That's strange isn't it... :shrugs:
  4. tell me about it... i don't even mind my boobs being smaller, i prefer it that way, but i'm not too impressed with the weightgain to say the least :roflmfao:
  5. annanas that's the same for me!!!!when i was a teenager my bobbs were bigger than now....but i lost about 6kilos, so maybe this is the very reason in my case....i wish they were still like 10yrs ago...:wtf::shrugs:
  6. well if i lose weight it comes off my boobs and if i gain it it goes on my hips and thighs. so i suppose i'll end up a plank with hips the width of a bus!
  7. i've lost 41 pounds in the past year or so and gone from a 38B to a 40D since high school. i got measured a few days ago, i thought i was a 38C-D, which is what i put in the bra size thread, but apparently not!

    i have no idea where they came from, i was a 38B for ages and ages.
  8. I've gone up a cup size just the past year. Both the fitter at Victoria's Secret and my doctor says this is common in women my age. Yay, one good thing from menopause...bigger boobs! Now, I have something there.
  9. I could barely fill out a B when I was a teenager, then into my 20s and early 30s I filled out a little more. No kids. I gained weight then lost it and so my bra size has varied quite a bit in the 20 (!) years since I was a teen.
  10. I´ve always been bigger than my friends, since 9 years old. It was soo embarrasing then. First I was an a-cup (like overnight) and at 12 I think a b-cup and now I´ve been a c for about 10 years.
  11. i've been so many sizes since highschool it's not even funny. i was a 36DD then...i've been everything from 42C to 34DD since then. i wish they'd just make up their mind what size they want to be and stay there! although i am glad i'm not a DD anymore.

    i cannot wait until i can fix them! with all the changing they've done, i need big supportive grandma bras to make them sit anywhere near the right place on my chest. :yucky:

    a lot of my friends changed bra sizes when they started BC pills or switched brands. maybe that's where some of the changes came from for you ladies?
  12. Thanks ladies :smile: I used to work out more so I probably lost some muscle and gained a little fat while my weight hasn't changed. That might explain why I went up almost a cup... :shrugs: