Has your bbag got darker?

  1. I have had my Ivory bbag for about 2 months and have never wore it. It has turned a light yellowish brown. Have you experienced this??:confused1:
  2. I don't have a light bag, sorry that happened. Do you happen to have pics for us to see?
  3. I am so sorry that happened. I have light colored bags, but their 05 BG Pink and 04 Lt Turq not Ivory or White. Where did you purchase the bag? I ask because if it is secondhand you never know if it turned because it was treated with something, but if your the first owner then you should definitely get a replacement or refund for it. Can we see pictures?
  4. That sounds scary... please post pics, I can't really imagine Ivory going yellow-brown? How does that look? Hideous?
  5. I'm so sorry about that! I don't have a light bag either, but I have a theory that maybe the treatments have something to do with discoloration. But I'm too new to bbags to really know what I'm talking about, so... ppphhhh!
    Anyway, I hope you can return it or get it worked out somehow!