Has Your Bag Ever Been Stolen?

  1. This once happened to me when I was about eighteen. My phone was out of order and I went to a phone booth at the bottom of the road. I left the phone booth and within seconds I realized I had left my bag on the shelf. Although the bag was only left there for about two minutes max, when I went back it was gone! I will never forget that violated feeling. The bag wasn't a designer one, but I loved it. It was a black leather, vertical, super-cool wristlet I'd bought from a expensive store. Although I don't think it was a 'name' bag, it was expensive to me as a student (many years ago) Luckily I had just enough money in my pocket to pay for a bus into town!
  2. Thank god no!
    I feel for anyone that this has happened too, I couldnt even imagine having to call all those c/c company's / lic and insurance...
  3. nightmare to replace everything..photos, old lipsticks, every credit card...
  4. Yes and it happen when I was trying on shoes at Macy's in the Garden State Plaza. And the bag was huge!! Someone had to see what happen.

    It was a pain to replace everything, and the kicker was the bag only had $12 in it!!
  5. Thank god it has not happened to me yet. It is such a hassle to replace everything, especially the numbers on your mobile!
  6. It happened to me in Tahoe at a casino. I had bought my first Gucci bag and was with some friends. Turned around for a minute and it was gone. I filed a police report, but was heart broken. I also had a gold cross pen, a pair of diamond stud earrings, and several hundred dollars along with ID and credit cards!
    We were there for a week. After 3 days I get a call from the local PD. They found my bag in the parking garage of the casino. The only thing missing was the cash!!!! The idiot didn't realise the bag was worth way more...not even the earrings were taken???
    All I cared about at that time was getting my Gucci back. That was almost 20 years ago and I still have the bag.
  7. nice story. thank goodness they found your bag and I cant believe you still have the bag.

    Isn't it just as bad when you lose your wallet?
  8. OMG, no (knock on wood) I haven't had a bag stolen...but I am sooo paranoid that it will happen someday. I often worry about snatchings too, especially during the holidays.
  9. i left my wallet on the counter of a major dept store once.
  10. I've never had my stolen thank goodness. I feel horrible for anyone who has gone through this. What a nightmare it would be. I think I would be more upset about losing my precious bag.
  11. I've never had my bag stolen. But I did have a credit card stolen from my purse at work. Since I was trying to pay down the balance and not using the card, I didn't realize it until a few weeks later when I got the statment and saw a bunch of charges that I didn't make. Nothing else was missing excpet that one credit card, so I didn't realize someone had been in my purse. The credit card company reversed the charges and issued me a new card. The person who did it was never caught, but I and some of my co-workers had a good idea of who it was.
  12. When I dropped my daughter at school I hit the brakes and my wallet landed in her school bag. I thought it was stollen and cancelled everything. Her teacher didn't even call when they noticed it was in her bag. So now I never use an open top bag.
  13. I got really sick (not drunk sick lol) one night right after college graduation when a few of my friends and I went out, and they were holding my purse while I was, um, trying to feel better. We took a cab home and one of them left it in the cab. As soon as the cab pulled away they realized. We called the cab company to try to get it back- they tracked down which cab we had been in and the driver denied it was there. So I guess technically it wasn't stolen, it just wasn't returned. It was my new (quite expensive) purse I'd just gotten from my aunt for graduation. Luckily I didn't have any money in my purse and I'd taken out my ipod and my Chanel sunglasses, but it was a pain in the butt to replace all the credit cards, car and apartment keys, camera, and my driver's license. I was most upset about not having the purse LOL!
  14. I'm so glad that Gucci story had a happy-ish ending, jmcadon.
  15. Yes! Many years ago I was in Bloomies trying on shoes, I put my bag next to me on the couch, bent down to put the shoes on, (1 min. max) straightened up and bag was gone! There was a shelf with shoes behind the couch and someone must have reached over and took it. I was stranded in the city with no money and my BF at the time was way across town at some audition. I had to walk for miles to find him. I was sick!