Has TPF Swayed Turned Your Guy Into A Purse Hunter?

  1. Yesterday we went out to Elizabeth to hit the Jersey Gardens Center, which has a NM Last Call, Saks Off 5th, Filenes, and some other stores.

    As soon as we walked in to Saks (the first store) he disappeared - I didnt have my phone so I tracked him down and told him to stick with me. He said he didnt need to, he would meet me at handbags.

    Three seconds later I see him at a rack of LAMB bags looking inside, feeling the leather, etc. I called him over to look at a cute BJ bag and he gave it a thumbs up. Then he left me again to look at the MJ! He was trying the zippers, examining the lining, holding them up to the light, it was hilarious. He wasnt the only guy doing it, but he is definitely not into helping me shop.

    Then as we were leaving he said that instead of a new laptop bag (his has been broken for months) that maybe he should get a manbag like his stepbrother, the tight shirt designer jean wearing metrosexual.

    I think he may be converted! He makes fun of me for staying on TPF all the time, but yet he is eating up everything I tell him!

    Anyone else?
  2. Not my DH...but that is the coolest story ever!!!
  3. Yep, this is my DH too! When we shop together I try to be very efficient so as to minimize the pain/boredom for him, but he is always patient when it comes to bags because he knows it's my thing. He notices details like zipper pulls, feels the leather, and provides input on the styling and practicality. Trust me, this is not innate....he definitely learned from me asking him about all these things!
  4. my bf would never carry any sort of bag, but he definitely notices handbags and recognizes brands now. if he notices a designer handbag, he'll always poke me and ask if i think it's real. he's constantly pointing out coach and vera bradley bags - those are the ones he recognizes the most! haha
  5. my bf would never carry a bag either, but he definitely notices them more. He'll point out different bags like Chanel, Balenciaga, and Hermes. he gets so excited when he can tell a real bag from a fake one!
  6. haha...i wish!!
  7. I think its hilarious because a few years ago he was still in his townhouse and an old college friend was his roommate. Her french BF gave her a LV backpack that he swore he bought in a Paris boutique. He went with her to LV in NYC to authenticate it and of course it was just a high quality fake. At the time he was like who cares, now when I point out a fake or he sees the racks of bags in Chinatown he notices differences - I think its a man thing, they just like knowing about something!
  8. My husband hates to shop but once a year he and my daughter disappear to go shopping for mommy for Christmas (with my recommendations of course) and that is the closest he will ever come to hunting for a purse.
  9. Ha! I wish! You girls are very lucky. My husband has no interest in clothes or fashion items for himself or for me and alas he would never buy me a handbag. He gives other good presents, though, so I can forgive him. :smile:
  10. that is really cute, i don't think i would drag my SO bag shopping though. lol
  11. I WISH!!! You're lucky :smile:
  12. Yea, my fiance has definitely changed quite a bit when it comes to handbags. I mean, he still has absolutely no interest in looking at handbags, but he definitely has a better idea about different brands. I must say though... he babies my bags more than I do. I don't have a problem putting my bag on the floor in my apt since I clean it all the time, but you'll often hear him say, " I can't believe you're putting your expensive bag on the floor!" :amuse:
  13. LOL I read the title of the thread and I was like "hellllllllllllllllllll no :nogood:" It's perfectly fine with me. I would be a little concerned if he started caring about purses/fashion, because then I wouldn't be able to tell him what to wear :p