Has Tiffany ever granted a custom request/bringing back a retired piece?

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  1. Thought I'd ask, I see Cartier and VCA approving/taking custom orders. Has anyone been successful with Tiffany? Asking to make a retired piece?
  2. I know they can do a custom but I am not sure if they can bring back a retired piece. I once saw a 1 carat tcw Victoria ring, the SA informed me that it was a custom which they made for one of their VIP clients. To qualify for a VIP status, one has to spend at least $100k a year.

    Which retired piece are you interested in?
  3. A custom order piece must cost at least $20k for them to consider it.
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  4. I really want to recover the Olympian gold charm. I have searched for years and I have not found on on the second hand market. I saw once they sold the whole charm set i think on 1st dibs (after though). I died. lol.
  5. Darn! Not happening anytime soon for me. :lol:
  6. It has to be $50,000 in order for them to do a custom order