has this style been faked?


Oct 29, 2006
hi coach fans!!

i'm new to coach. actually, i'm relatively new to designer bags in general! hehe, anyway, i just bought this bag off of eBay, and i'm wondering if it's been faked yet? it's the large leather pleated hobo, and here's a link to the auction that i won: eBay: NEW Coach Leather Pleated Hobo Handbag 10205 (item 230061227438 end time Dec-11-06 04:45:53 PST) i'm really hoping that it's authentic because it's actually a gift for my mom. :heart: the seller guarantees authenticity, and she assured me that it's not a factory second. what do you guys think? any opinions would be greatly appreciated. thanks so much!
this usually is suppose to be in the authentic thread.

but, if it's real, it's definitely from factory. because she included that in her style number, plus the ones that were from coach stores didn't have five digits, they had four, and i believe, depending on whether it was suede metallic or leather leather, it had a leather B in it?

i've seen fake versions of this before, but never good ones (doesn't mean there aren't any!) and the pic shown, it looks right.

but it's just one pic, and it looks fuzzy so i can't say for sure.
That's an older style--I am kind of betting that she found them at an outlet--doubt that she bought them at the retail store back when they were full price (not that many, if you look at the other ones she has available)--but you did get a good price on it, most definitely.
thanks, everyone, for your input! i'm a little sad that it's from the outlet instead of the actual coach store (the seller did assure me that it was from the actual store), but i am glad that i got a good deal on it. hopefully, it'll be beautiful in person and my mom will love it just the same! :heart:
The outlet is just about the same as the Coach Store. Once Coach Bags are taken off the shelves becasue the store is changing their displays, the bags that are unsold make their way to the outlets. There is nothing wrong with almost all outlet bags. This style bag was a flop and like fashion said, they are plentiful at the outlet. The seller would not be able to sell you a $400 for $170 if she got it at a regular Coach Store.

I am even betting that she lost money on this sale (because $199 - 10% early bird special =179.10, add 6% tax as an average and that brings her cost to $189.85. Add $14 PayPal Fees and to break even, she would have had to sell the bag for $203.85 or so)...