Has This Song Come To The Us Yet ?

  1. Techno Trannys?
  2. haha LOL euro pop at its extreme
  3. Nnnno. I'd remember if this song came to the US.

    Although, I guarantee it'll probably be on one of those European Dance songs compilation cds like Global Hits. If you're going by the fact that the 2003 version had The Cheeky Song (Touch My Bum) by The Cheeky Girls.

    I remember being obsessed with Please Don't Turn Me On by The Artful Dodger, and it never came out in the US.

    And the song I'm obsessed with right now is September by Earth, Wind & Fire. (Not the newest song in the world, but I love it.)
  4. Im actually singing it now haha

    1,2,3,4 let me hear u scream if u want some more ! like ahhhhh push it, push it ! watch me work it....im worth it

    LOL hahahaha
  5. Seriously, I thought it was a joke. That is a real song? I imagine rotund men in speedos on the beaches of Lanzarote dancing to that. I guess it is like that annoying Crazy Frog that was popular in Europe last year. He never hit big here.
  6. yeah I think it was number 1 here about 2 weeks ago LOL
  7. that's umm interesting, i guess i'm lucky not to have heard it until now!

    speaking of crazy frog, i heard that awful noise coming out of someone's phone only a few weeks ago :wtf:
  8. haha I did too on a bus...its still goin strong ! LOL:wtf:
  9. Ha.. that song... :roflmfao:
  10. you have to be kidding...lol
  11. Great song!

    Guess what I'm gonna do to you at home!
  12. Socialite... I'm always looking for Euro music. You should do a weekly or monthly post on what the popular/trendy songs are there at the moment!
  13. Interesting..
  14. gotta love Princess Superstar ... lol :p she's fun

    anyone remember "Bad Babysitter"? (if not, check it out on youtube, but be warned, it's naughty) :graucho:

    *singing* :jammin: I'm a bad babysitter, got my boyfriend in your shower, whoo, I'm making six bucks and hour .... :jammin: