Has this MBMJ Faridah style been discontinued?

  1. Hi everyone. I'm usually at the LV forum but have recently been obsessing over the MBMJ Faridah in every color it would be available in. (Yes, I love the bag so much I want it in every color!) I really like this style with all the nice brass (golden) hardware and zippers. I looked for it on the Neiman Marcus Website and noticed there is an updated version with nickel or silver color hardware which DOES NOT include the two zippers on top of the flap pockets. Is this style no longer being produced (the one in photo)?
  2. i just brought a green on eBay. they have some on eBay right now.i seen a chicory colored one....
  3. That is an older style (I believe Spring 2007).
    MbMJ has an updated one with only one outer zipper for Fall 2007.

    I believe Barney's has one that is similar to this, but in a black color. There's always eBay as hobogirl mentioned.
  4. ^^Thanks telicious. I just ordered them from Barney's. I got the black and the chocolate. I sure wish they had other colors. I'll post pics when they arrive.

    Hobogirl77 - I'm not too crazy about Ebay but I think it is going to be my only option for other colors. I saw a pic of the green one (camouflage) online and I want it soooooo bad. You're so lucky to have it. Congrats. :tup:
  5. You're welcome! :smile:

    Can't wait to see your pictures!!
  6. alpine-please post pics when you get them. I ordered the chocolate faridah today from barneys also.:tup:
  7. ^^ They should be arriving Friday and I'll be posting pics then. Do you own it in any other color?
  8. Has anyone seen this bag at the MbyMJ stores lately? I saw the new softy faridah on NM.com, but it's gone now. But, if I can get the two zipper softy faridah, that's even better. Would prefer to purchase from an MJ store since I have a credit. Just curious. Can't wait to see pictures of your bags, alpine!
  9. hi alpine, nope i currently do not own any faridah's yet but mine will be arriving next tuesday.:whistle:
  10. i am also in a hunt for this bag. please help me find one. or do they even still make this style? thanks