Has this happened with your Medallion's inside pockets?

  1. You know how there is a zipper pocket and then a pocket with no zip?

    Well anyway I was wondering of anyone elses zipperless pocket has stretched out a bit and sticks out. I have noticed that when I have my cell and Blackberry in the zipper pocket and a few small things like chapstick, mirror, gum and floss in the open pocket, they both stick out where it sometimes blocks the opening of the bag on top.

    Does anyone know what I mean? It's not really a big deal and it doesn't change the fact that I love the bag like crazy...I was just wonderin if anyone else notices that? :shame:
  2. Well, I have 3 of the bags all various ages---black patent, light violet patent (like LV's new light purple) and bordeaux. They all get carried a lot and manhandled more than they should and in still perfect or almost perfect condition.

    I know gals complain about the stiffness, but that does get better with time. But it's almost like a puppy-- she grows up and stops nipping at your heels and running around like a nut and you miss that. When the stiffness wears out of the bag you think---heck what happened here???

    I know weird metaphor, but was just looking at my 80 lb 6 yo dog, lying quietly at my feet, kinda wishing she would nip at them and drive me crazy like she did when she was a puppy.