has this happened to you

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  1. 1. Listed a bag in my store on ebay
    2. Buyer makes offer
    3. I accept offer
    4. send invoice
    5. I receive the following email from the buyer:

    I hate to be rude and ask this but would you mind accepting
    $*** for this bag? Im a student at USC and I LOVE this bag
    soooo much and have been wanting it for so long but I just paid
    my rent and don't have that much extra spending money. I
    adore your bag though, please let me know if you would
    consider. Thank you very much

    Are you kidding me??????
  2. What a joke!!! People really do try their luck
  3. That is a LOAD of crap..... some offers are just ridiculous.. UGH!!
  4. exactly.. it must be a joke!
  5. I would be pissed. So what if you dont she doesnt want the bag anymore? :wacko:
  6. :tdown:people are just crazy!
  7. i get offer for £10 for a new pair of marc jacobs heels on ebay few days ago.Ridiculously i rejected it straight away without counter offer. Where these nonsence people coem from nowadays :thinking:
  8. Some people have a lot of nerve.
  9. Block! :banned:
  10. timewaters. just trying to drop the price after securing the item...I would relist
  11. why would I drop the price
  12. They should not have made the offer if they can't afford it. It is a scam to try to get a lower price. Write back that their offer was a binding agreement and payment is due. If they don't pay, file NPB!
  13. id be too embarrased to do that...
  14. ...what a tool!
  15. crazy buyer